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PCB Reverse Engineering

2017 Moscow Consumer and PCB Copy Engineering in the electronics, home appliances and video exhibition

 Time: 2017-04-20 to 2017-04-23
Venue: [Europe] Russia · Moscow
Industry: Household appliances, consumer electronics, photographic equipment
Organizational cycle: one year term
Exhibition Hall: Moscow Crocus Exhibition Center, Pavilion 3, Hall 15
Range of exhibition
1.PCB Copy Engineering in the mobile device, digital technology and accessories: mobile phones, smart phones, laptops, superbooks, tablet PCs, home and office computers, multimedia centers; e-book reader; protective film, shell, Personal audio and video players, mobile accessories and digital accessories, hard drives and network drives, USB memory sticks, game consoles, routers and hotspots, modems, switchboards, charging equipment, batteries and batteries, computer software, etc; Equipment and accessories for MacBook bags, iPhone, iPad and MacBook cleaning materials, protective film and other accessories.
2. PCB Copy Engineering Computer hardware and peripherals: media player, desktop and portable hard drive, NAS hard drive, drive, USB flash drive, home computer, game console, computer monitor and stereo, keyboard, mouse, camera, headset and Bluetooth, filters, stabilizers, UPS, robot electronics, etc.
3.PCB Copy Engineering portable audio and video products: all kinds of audio and video products, personal audio players, headphones and DA converters, portable audio systems, sports cameras;
4.PCB Copy Engineering in the automotive multimedia equipment: audio and video equipment, headphones, GPS navigator, video recorders, radar detection devices;
5. Internet of things: wearable equipment such as smart watches, fitness belt, smart clothing, AR / VR equipment;
6. Software, cloud services and related equipment, etc .; intelligent home connection equipment, car networking, UAV, etc.:
7. Digital video products: digital cameras, camcorders, photos, cameras, lenses, accessories, lighting equipment, studio equipment and services, optical devices, image processing software and equipment, photo library, photo albums, flash memory, Electronic flash, electronic umbrella lights, all kinds of light boxes, photographic equipment for bags, film, etc .; batteries, chargers, digital cameras, digital photo frame; display technology; video equipment and supplies, tripod, 4K video equipment, SLR film equipment, audio equipment, sound equipment and software, record editing, 3D graphics and visual effects, digital printing equipment, color printing equipment, color printing equipment, color film, digital film holder, printer, printing supplies, , Leasing and maintenance services;
8. Printing and printing equipment: home and large format printing, laser and digital printing, instant printing, photo book, on demand printing, advertising and publishing, 3D printers, instant equipment and services, printing, souvenir equipment and services, photo album production , Home printers, printing services, supplies, software, etc .;
Introduction to the exhibition
Moscow Consumer Electronics and Imaging Exhibition organizers for the famous Russian MIDEXPO exhibition company, the support for the Russian Federation Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the Russian Federation of Industry, Science and Technology, the Moscow city hall. The exhibition, which began in the first year of 1996, is one of the most prestigious and prestigious exhibitions in Moscow and the CIS countries, occupying a leading position in similar professional exhibitions. The exhibitors include Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, Samsung, Kodak, Pioneer, JVC, CANON, NIKON, SANDISK, KINGSTON, Casio and other international well-known exhibitors, exhibitors from Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia and other countries more than 30 countries. 2017 has many international famous companies scheduled to participate, including Sony, Toshiba, Canon, Olympus, Nikon, Fuji, Pioneer, UNIBAT, BLADE, REKAM, ABPAC and so on. During the period also held industry development hot topics of the seminar, international academic conference and roundtable.


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