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Barcelona, Spain International Mobile Communications Exhibition

 1. Show time: February 27, 2017 - March 2
2. Exhibition Hall: Barcelona International Convention and Exhibition Center, Spain
3. Exhibition scale: 50000-100000
4. The first held: 2006
5. Holding period: one year
The world's most prestigious communications exhibition
The GSM Association is one of the three major international organizations in the world of mobile communications, comprising more than 750 mobile operators and 220+ equipment manufacturers in 218 countries and territories. The World Congress on Mobile Communications, sponsored by the GSM Association, is one of the world's most influential exhibitions focusing on mobile communications and PCB Copy Engineering. "World Mobile Communications Conference," a total of more than 1,500 well-known enterprises from around the world exhibitors from 205 countries and regions, more than 67,000 visitors visited the exhibition, the exhibition area of ​​57,000 square meters; from 82 countries, more than 2,900 journalists to visit Reported. Globally, the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) presented its annual Global Mobile Awards at the Mobile World Congress. The awards include mobile devices, mobile entertainment, mobile advertising, and marketing, among other categories, and the Green Mobility Award in recent years. Participate in this exhibition can be more direct understanding of the world PCB Copy Engineering product development and market specific needs, is conducive to improving the PCB Copy Engineering products, technical content, adjust and improve the product structure for the production of high-quality products to lay the foundation for the perfect Exports, exports to ensure the normal direction of the guidelines.
Market analysis
Spain is a moderately developed capitalist industrial country, the total economic output ranks fifth in the European Union. Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain, the largest commercial city and port, is the national textile, chemical, pharmaceutical, machinery, paper, automotive, industrial center, with more than 5,000 large and small factories and enterprises. Port of Barcelona is the country's important comprehensive port. Spain's telecommunications industry is more developed. Mobile phone coverage is about 98%, almost no blind spots. According to the Spanish telecommunications market agency data released, Spain has 100 mobile phones per 100 people, the number of mobile phones has exceeded 50 million. Spanish mobile phones use GSM, WCDMA technology, the main operators are: Telefonica (Telefonica), France Telecom (Orange) and Vodafone (Vodafone). China Unicom and the Spanish telephone company users can send text messages between each other. Foreign trade, transport equipment, mechanical and electrical products, chemical products and base metals and products are Spain's main export commodities, base metals and products are Spain's exports to China's largest category of products.
According to Eurostat statistics, in 2015 the bilateral import and export of goods between Spain and China amounted to 26.9 billion US dollars. Among them, Spain exports to China 4.92 billion US dollars, accounting for 1.7% of its total exports, up 0.1 percentage points; Spain imports from China 21.99 billion US dollars, up 0.3%, 7.1% of its total imports, 0.9 percentage points. Spain's trade deficit of 17.07 billion US dollars, an increase of 3.3%.


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