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India New Delhi International Communication and PCB Copy Engineering Technology Expo

 India New Delhi International Communication and PCB Copy Engineering Technology Expo
Exhibition time: February 8, 2017 -10 days
Held cycle: once a year
Exhibition scale: 10000-20000
First held: 1993
Hall: New Delhi, India International Exhibition and Conference Center
ConvergenceIndia is an exhibition supported by the Ministry of Information Industry, Ministry of Information Technology, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, which has been successfully held since 1993. It attracted more and more 15000 people from all over the world to attend and attend. Becoming the largest communication and PCB Copy Engineering exhibition in South Asia. With the rapid development of communication and PCB Copy Engineering technology, the products of many famous international companies are also focusing on ICT, Radio and television products.
2017 will usher in the 25th CONVERGRENCEINDIA, will attract from the global communications and PCB Copy Engineering industry experts, buyers, suppliers, face to face communication, sharing the global communications industry results, there will be from China , India, Germany, South Korea, Singapore, Britain, the United States and other international exhibitors. Participate in this exhibition can be more direct understanding of the development of India and the world and the specific needs of the market, will help improve the product and PCB Copy Engineering technical content, adjust and improve the product structure for the production of high-quality products to lay the foundation, Exports, exports to ensure the normal direction of the guidelines.
Market analysis
India's telecommunications market, especially mobile communications field of explosive growth caused by the temptation of the market. India's e-services are recognized globally and have made outstanding contributions to economic development. India is the world's second largest telecommunications market and has experienced rapid growth over the past few years. The electronics industry is one of the main drivers of modernization in different sectors of the economy and rapid growth of the services sector. Driven by handheld device data consumption, according to research firm IDC data, mobile services market in 2014 the total revenue income of 29.8 billion US dollars, 2017 is expected to close to 37 billion US dollars, a compound annual growth rate of 5.2%. The rapidly growing telecommunications sector has boosted the fair price afforded by the Indian government to provide affordable telecommunications equipment and telecommunications services to the market. Regulatory and deregulation of foreign investment has made this sector one of the fastest growing sectors, while the industry has created the top five employment opportunities in the country.
Developed countries, the IT industry will be cost control as the first element of enterprise development, increased outsourcing share, while India is the preferred software outsourcing. Outsourcing business to promote the recovery of the Indian software industry and rapid development, resulting in a large number of inexpensive software engineer resources to attract foreign telecom equipment manufacturers in India, direct investment, the establishment of R & D center and production base. Relaxation of market access to cultivate competition in the market, double the way mobile communication tariffs to improve the proportion of foreign ownership, simplify the telecommunications industry tax system and a series of measures introduced to India's telecommunications industry to relax the pace of control and opening up, more than China, These policies not only directly attract foreign investment, but also cultivate a healthy and rapid development of the market structure, greatly optimizing the investment environment in India's telecommunications industry.


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