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PCB Reverse Engineering

Introduces the structure and characteristics of BGA components in PCB Copy Engineering

 CBGA in PCB copy engineering,
The carrier is a multilayer ceramic, the chip and the ceramic carrier connection can have two forms: wire bonding; flip chip technology
Advantages: excellent electrical and thermal properties; both good sealing; and QFP compared to less susceptible to mechanical damage; for I / O number greater than 250 electronic assembly.
Disadvantages: thermal expansion coefficient compared with the PCB is different from the package size, leading to thermal cycling failure.
CCGA in PCB copy engineering,
CCGA is another form of CBGA size larger than 32 * 32mm, the difference is the use of solder balls instead of solder balls. Solder column is eutectic solder connection or direct casting fixed to the bottom of the ceramic.
The advantages and disadvantages are the same as those of CCGA. The difference is that the solder column can withstand the stress caused by different CTE, and can be applied to large-size packages.
TBGA in PCB copy engineering,
Carrier with double metal layer, the chip connection using flip-chip technology.
Advantages: can be lighter and smaller package; for I / O number can be more packaging; have good electrical properties; suitable for bulk electronic assembly; solder joint reliability.
Disadvantages: easy to absorb moisture; high packaging costs.
PBGA in PCB copy engineering,
The carrier is an ordinary printed circuit board substrate. The chip is connected to the upper surface of the carrier by means of wire bonding, and the eutectic solder ball array is connected to the surface of the plastic molding carrier.
Advantages: relatively low cost of packaging; and QFP compared to less susceptible to mechanical damage; for large quantities of electronic assembly; font and PCB substrate the same thermal expansion coefficient is almost the same, welding, the stress generated by the letter is very small, Reliability impact is also less.
Disadvantages: easy to absorb moisture.


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