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PCB Reverse surface patch technology selection

 All surface mount connectors in PCB Reverse must be provided with some form of stress relief. Some connector companies use a screw to lock the circuit board or accessory to the panel to achieve stress relief. While these concepts may increase the mechanical strength, some solutions can provide the necessary and reliable board support even without secondary assembly or manual negotiation.
The through-hole reflow technology in PCB Reverseenables surface-mount connectors to be routed through a pick-up machine and provides a rugged board connection than surface mount technology. Similar to the through-hole needle, the through-hole reflow or pin-soaked solder paste requires that the pores be partially drilled into the PCB so that these slim needles can be reflowed. These through-hole pins are used in conjunction with surface-mount signal pins, often by double the load by enhanced mechanical strength and ground supply. However, there will be some disadvantages when the through-hole return pins are used in high-speed applications.
Although the surface mount pins are used for signal performance, the through-hole return pins provide a rugged connection on the board. Not only that, through the height of the mezzanine connector and the sub-card weight continues to increase, the through-hole return needle will undoubtedly provide superior stiffness and strength. Crimp technology Over the past 40 years as the actual standard for backplane connectors, surface mount / through-hole backflow backplane solutions often surpass crimp signal performance while providing superior durability. If the implementation is correct, there is no doubt that the surface paste technology for any application.
As more and more boards are compressed to smaller and smaller chassis, the current demand for mezzanine connectors is high. More Needles and Small Pad Requirements Drive Connectors The company quickly and massively produces a number of unique designs for designers to choose from. However, the biggest problem is that: Which surface-mount connector is able to provide the most reliable connection after assembling, testing, and even installation after application?
Almost every system manufacturing engineer has experienced surface mount connector problems, to know why the reason is not difficult. Minimal contact terminals and economically licensed thinned printed circuit boards make the coplanar type almost impossible to achieve. It is assumed that the ultra-thin mezzanine card, although its twist to the IPC standard, but because the surface mount connector pin design is poor, eventually leading to the pin can not be connected with the circuit board. Again, design engineers must challenge and evaluate the design of various aspects of the surface mount connector.
Remember to ask for the formation of the pin, for example, where is the stamping in which position to bend? (Hint: "Bend" alloy will try to return to normal. Therefore, if the surface mount pin is bent by 100% Sex, it will most likely fail to reach 100% coplanar when it reaches the assembly line.
Surface paste technology of the new era
Do not let you abandon the design using the new surface mount connector because of past unpleasant experience. There are still excellent surface-mount connectors for I / O, cable-to-board, board-to-board, and even backplane applications. You can obtain a sample plate with a surface-mount connector from the connector company representative so that you can test it yourself. Carefully examine a single piece of sample to produce some degree of trust in its pin design, further recommended for viewing with a microscope. Make sure that all surface mount connectors include some form of reliable PCB stress relief, such as solder joints or through-hole return pins. In the assembly phase, it is recommended that you work with a connector manufacturer that ensures pin-coplanarity and a reputable connector.
The connector manufacturers that can supply rugged and high-quality surface-mount connectors will be happy to provide you with all the tools you need to complete your decision. Once you make a decision, make a wise choice for your celebration and work with your manufacturing engineer to benefit from the chosen surface mount


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