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PCB Reverse Engineering

PCB clone service

 PCB clone service
    In the PCB copy board field, as the leader, RayMing is always imitated, but never surpassed. With the newest EDA design software, professional technicians of copy board and advanced processing technology, we can clone single-sided, double-side, multilayer PCB board as well as high-difficult PCB board like blind & buried vias board.
    RayMing can translate PCB sample provided by customer into Gerber file for production, also can turn the file into various popular PCB software format documents, such as POWER-PCB, PROTEL99, PADS2000, etc. We can make PCB sample schematic diagram, PCB package diagram, BOM list, and manufacture PCB prototype or batch production as well. What's more, from view of customer, we will make further development on the basis of original PCB to meet all customer's needs.
     In the process of copy board, our professional technicians also provide customer with PCB change board service, that's to say, according to customer's personalized requirements, we can change the position of components or rearrange lines on the PCB so as to achieve customer's expectation.
     Not only can we improve and solve defects of current PCB's design and line layout, but also have a full set of advanced experimental facilities to test PCB line signal, satisfying customer's requirement for PCB change board. For those customer who focus on product marketing, our service can save much time and cost of changing board, help customer hold superiority forever in product market, create value for customer.
    PCB copy board flow chart:
Why choose RayMing PCB copy board?
1. "Quick, Precise, Reasonable price"
(1) Generally speaking, the lead time is one day for cloning single-sided board, 2-4 days for 8-layer board, 3-5 days for 10-layer board; the lead time for multilayer board depends on how complex it is.
(2) We have powerful scientific R & D strength and outstanding R & D team respectively in Shenzhen, and have our own talent training institution in Beijing, which ensures 100% accuracy for PCB copy board.
(3) Our cooperative principle is "Establish win-win relationship with customer". According to your specific requirements, we will provide you with the most reasonable price immediately.
2. Comprehensive quality control
   We not only do pay attention to advanced technology, but also implement quality control in the whole production process, including excellent product design, high-qualty material, proper facility, mature production technique, skilled workers, strict inspection, storage and package, etc.
3. The powerful overall strength
   We can supply a full set of service including PCB copy board, PCB design, prototype debug, IC decryption, IC purcharsing, high precision board making and SMT assembly processing. Besides, we can design the product in the light of customer's needs, including function improvement of original product and further technology optimization.
4. Perfect after-sale service system
   We adhere to principle of service "Customer first"; 24-hour service hotline is ready for solving problems for you all the time. If neccessary, our technicians will offer door-to-door technological service to gurantee the product working normally and keep in touch with customer for noticing product's using status.
   We will give feedback accurately and timely to related department on product using status, quality information and all kinds of important social information so that we can make correct decision timely and provide customer with better service.


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