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PCB Reverse Engineering

PCB design service

 PCB design service
    RayMing PCB design center devotes to become China's most powerfully authoritative PCB design service provider, specializing in various high-density & high-frequency PCB layout, high-speed back veneer design, mainboard & handset board design, blind & buried via PCB design and high-speed differential signal circuit board design. RayMing provides customers with technical service and solutions of PCB layout, SI simulation analysis, power integrity simulation analysis, products/single board EMC design and so on for a long time.
    According to market segments of electronic information products, in order to provide customers with more professional high-speed PCB layout schemes, RayMing has set up special project groups respectively for handset PCB design, notebook PCB design, high-speed back veneer PCB layout, industrial control mainboard design, flexible PCB layout, various chip products' PCB layout. All group members are senior soft hardware engineers with rich experience in designing and developing all kinds of electronic products, serving customers with professional technologies and focused attitude.
    We're experienced in high-frequency PCB layout, high-speed PCB layout, PCB simulation, PCB layout, digifax A/D mixed PCB layout and so on. Many successful design cases show our achievements in design service, like PCI, CPCI, PCI-EXPRESS, ATCA, XAUT, SATA & SATAII, 10GHz high-speed differential signal, DDR&DDRII SDRAM800M, TI DSP series, programable logic, switch power supply design, DLP-PAMBUS RLDRAM, etc. The products cover communication, IPC industrial control, medical electronics, automotive electronics, portable devices, digital consumer products and other fields.
    PCB design service flow chart:
    Service projects:
    1、high-speed PCB layout
     design tool
       · Cadence Allegro
       · Mentor Expedition
       · Mentor Boardstation
       · Powerpcb
       · Protel
     design capability
       ◎Max.layer:no limited
       ◎ quantity:48963
       ◎Min.track width:3MIL
       ◎Min.track distance:4MIL
       ◎Max. BGA quantity:44
       ◎Min.BGA PIN distance:0.5mm
       ◎highest-speed signal:10G CML differential signal
       · high-speed & high-density PCB layout
       · high-speed back veneer layout
       · Probe card
       · mainboard & handset boards layout
       · industrial control panel & test board
       · blind & buried via design
       · Minimum BGA pin-pith: 0.5mm
       · 10 GHz differential signal
       · Min.track W/D :3MIL
       · Minimum via hole size :8mil (4mil Laser drill)
    The typical chips design:
       Intel2850、intel2800、intel 2400、intel 1200 intel425 intel255 intel270 intel270a
       Intel 5000V  GA-7VCSV  Intel 5000P GA-7BESH
       INTEL:810 815 845 865 915 945
       Freescale PowerPC:MPC8260、MPC850、MPC750、MPC8272、MPC8247、MPC8245、MPC860、 MPC8241、MPC8240、mpc8539,mpc8538,mpc8540,mpc8541、MPC7448 mpc7xxxx
       Freescale ColdFire MCF5XXX(MCF5206E)
       RMI RevA,RevB, RevC and RevD---Demo board designed by HAMPPCB
       IDT Interprise PCI (79RC32332)
       galileo: GT-48304、GT-48350、GT-48520
       Broadcom 1255 1250 1125 5464、5691、5670、5690、5421
       Xilinx: Virtex II,Virtex Pro Virtex-5,Virtex-4,Spartan-3,Virtex-II+Pro
       Altera:Cyclone II ,Stratix II GX ,Stratix III 
       TI: C6415 C6416 C5561 DM642 TMS320DMXXX, DaVinci C6446
       pericom: PI7C7300
       Freescale PowerPC processor and Freescale 32 bit ColdFire processor
       national: dp83815
       Cicada Semiconductor:Cis8224、Cis8204、Cis8201
       Sumsung s3c2410 s3c2440,s3c2413
       AMCC Chips
    Design experience:
       DDR/DDRII 800M/QDR/SRAM memory interface
       Switch Power Supply
       ATCA, AMC, HyperTransport
    DFX consideration
       DFM:Design For Manufacture
       DFA:Design For Assembly
       DFT:Design For Test
       DFR:Design For Reliability
    PCB signal simulation
       ·  timing sequence problem reflection
       · overshoot
       · ringing
       · crosstalk
       · power/groudn bounce
       · solutions:  cable run topology,chip drive capability analysis,termination matching resistance schemes,schematic optimization design
       · signal matching schemes
       · signal cable run topology structure
       · current return path
       · decoupling
    3、EMC analysis:
       · schematic analysis
       · single board structure analysis
       · Devices analysis
       · SI high-peed signal simulation
       · power supply stability analysis and filtering capacitance distributions
       · PCB layout wiring analysis
       · subsequent EMC test and analysis
    4、Schematic symbols and PCB footprint library service:
       · schematic symbols library
       · ORCAD Capture
       · ConceptHDL
       · Dxdesigner
       · Design Capture
       · Padslogic
       · Protel
       · footprint library
       · Cadence Allegro
       · Mentor Expedition
       · Mentor Boardstation
       · Powerpcb
       · Protel
    · Completely live up to IPC-7351 international standard
    · RayMing's backstage large schematic symbols library and PCB footprint library data center.
    · Customized and complete development & inspection flow of schematic and footprint library, to guarantee quality
    · Customized large library query and search platform
    · Accumulate years of experience and pass through customer's practical inspection.
    · Professional engineers group of schematic symbols library and PCB footprint library
    · Provide long-term library technical support and maintenance for customers. 


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