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PCB Reverse Engineering

San Diego, California, United States PCB Board and electronic PCB assembly technology exhibition

 San Diego, California, United States PCB Board and electronic assembly technology exhibition, including PCB Copy engieering.
1. Show time: February 14, 2017 -16 days;
2. Exhibition Hall: San Diego Convention and Exhibition Center, California, USA
3. Holding cycle: once a year
4. Exhibition scale: 20000-50000
The exhibition is the United States and North America's most authoritative, the largest PCB board and PCB electronic assembly technology professional exhibition
The exhibition in addition to the United States and North America, the industry's largest exhibition, in the international community has a greater influence. By the well-known IPC - International Electronics Industry Connection Association, the annual session. In 2016, a total of 465 exhibitors from around the world who supplied equipment, materials, services and software for the design and manufacture of printed circuit boards&PCB Copy, as well as electronics assembly, manufacturing and testing, were on display and 50,000 trade visitors visited the fair. Samsung, Fujitsu, Siemens, Yamaha, etc., are among the world's leading manufacturers of circuit boards, electronics manufacturing companies, original equipment manufacturers, materials and equipment service providers and distributors.
At the same time, the United States International Electronics Industry Connection Association or a comprehensive representative of the United States and the electronics assembly industry board &PCB copy of international organizations, its members from around the world, the Association for its members to provide policies and regulations, the latest technology and management, international affairs and development trends Research results and other services. Participate in this exhibition can be more direct understanding of the United States and the world of product development and market specific needs, is conducive to improving the technological content of products, adjust and improve the product structure for the production of high-quality products to lay the foundation for the improvement of exports, Normal direction of the guidelines. The exhibition also represents the latest industry trends. Here are all the relevant new products and new concepts - here is the ideal place to show your creativity.
Market analysis
The United States is the world's most developed capitalist countries, in the economic, cultural, industrial and other fields are in the world's leading position. The United States is a major importer and exporter of electronic products, with a vast market potential. In recent years, the US imports of electronic components, parts, electronic materials and related products amounted to 60 billion US dollars / year, accounting for 1/4 of the global market. At the same time, the United States is a major exporter of technology, capital exporting countries.
According to the US Department of Commerce statistics, in January-April 2016, US imports and exports amounted to 1,153.99 billion US dollars, of which exports 4,667.2 billion US dollars, imports 6,672.7 billion US dollars. In April, US imports and exports of goods amounted to US $ 296.3 billion, of which exports were US $ 119.06 billion and imports US $ 174.55 billion, with a trade deficit of US $ 55.49 billion. From January to April, the bilateral import and export volume between the United States and China amounted to US $ 170.1 billion, of which US exports to China amounted to US $ 33.88 billion, accounting for 7.3% of US total exports. US imports from China amounted to US $ 136.13 billion, accounting for 19.8% of the total US imports. The US trade deficit was US $ 102.25 billion. As of April, China is the United States' second largest trading partner, the third largest export market and the largest source of imports.


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