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PCB Reverse Engineering

What Kinds Of Softeware Are Use In PCB Reverse Engineering Service

PCB Reverse board, is in the electronic products and circuit board in-kind under the premise of the use of reverse engineering R & D technology to reverse engineer the circuit board, the original product PCB files, bill of materials (BOM) documents, schematic files And other technical documents and PCB silk screen production of documents to restore 1: 1, and then use these technical documents and production documents PCB plate welding components, flying probe testing, circuit board debugging, complete the original circuit board a complete copy of the model.
The main PCB Reverse Engineering Service software:
1, QuickPcb2005
QuickPcb2005 is a professional copy board software, it can effectively improve the work efficiency of PVB copy board, which is called the PCB cloning, it can facilitate the user PCB design and replication, support a variety of components of the call and export.
The main function:
1. Place pads, holes, lines, arcs, vias, components, FILL, POLYGON, text;
2. Each element attribute setting, grid setting;
3.CTRL key to automatically capture the grid and the element center;
4.SHIFT key to select, to select, cut, copy, delete, rotate, mirror and repeat function;
5.32 layer setting function, zoom display;
6. Arbitrarily set the origin;
7. Design accuracy: 1mil;
8. comes with B2P format, you can read BMP, JPG picture, you can automatically read the resolution BMP;
9. Call PROTEL2.5-2.8 format library file;
10. Output PROTEL2.5-2.8 format files.
PMPCB is a color copy board software, is currently on the market the most powerful color copy board software, the support system and more, running fast, powerful, easy to operate.
Software characteristic:
1. Support Windows 2000 above any operating system.
2. Support Altium Designer software.
3. Support regional proofreading.
4. Support calling BMP, JPG picture format.
5. Support intelligent dual-channel drawing.
6. Support wheel zoom in and out.
7. Support the keyboard mapping, the use of notebook users of the Gospel.
8. Support brightness, contrast, black and white, negative, horizontal mirror, vertical mirror image adjustment function.
9. Adopt a unique computing method, support call 4000DPI, length and width 10000 + pixels, 300M size of the picture seconds to transfer.
10. Support the right mouse button to drag the basemap function.
11. Support the middle mouse button to quickly refresh the basemap function.
12. Support transparency and quick adjustment function.
13. support a key component function, the liberation of his hands from now on.
14 support base map custom offset fine-tuning.
15. Support mm, mil for drawing units.
16. Support mm to mil interchange tool.
17. Commonly used system tools for easy integration.
BMP2PCB is a graphical interface to the BMP PCB software for copying PCB board, out of the file can only be opened with PROTEL software.
The resolution in the X and Y directions is the resolution of the corresponding scan. The color of the reserved area refers to what color in the picture is to be output as a wire. The BMP image format does not require full color conversion for monochrome.
Instructions for use:
1. Select the image you want to convert.
2. With CTRL + left click on the picture need to turn out the color At this point you can see the color value has been added to the color list. (If you need to delete the list of colors with CTRL + right click on the color list can be)
3. Click on the top left corner of the "conversion" button need to select a saved PCB or ASC file name and then will be converted.


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