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8 Channel Encoder Decoder ICs

8 channel encoder decoder ic

Overview of 8 Channel Encoder Decoder ICs

An 8 channel encoder decoder IC is an integrated circuit that can encode and decode signals across 8 channels. These ICs are commonly used in applications like:

  • Security camera systems – To encode and decode video signals from 8 cameras
  • Automotive infotainment – To manage audio and video signals in a car
  • Set top boxes – To handle video encoding and decoding
  • Audio mixing consoles – To encode and decode audio signals

Some key benefits of using an 8 channel encoder decoder IC rather than discrete components include:

  • Less space – An IC packs 8 channels into a small package
  • Lower power – ICs optimize power consumption across multiple channels
  • Higher reliability – Everything is in one reliable, integrated package

Key Specifications

When selecting an 8 channel encoder decoder IC, some key specifications to consider include:


The maximum resolution each channel can support, such as 1080p30, 720p60, etc. Higher resolutions require greater bandwidth.

Audio Codecs

The audio compression formats supported, like AAC, MP3, etc. This impacts audio quality.

Video Codecs

The video codecs and compression formats that are supported, such as H.264, H.265, etc. Newer codecs offer better compression.


The input and output interfaces, such as HDMI, coaxial, Ethernet, etc. These must match other devices.

Operating Temperature Range

The temperature range the IC is rated for. Wider ranges are better for challenging environments.

Package Type

The physical IC package, like QFN, LQFP, etc. This impacts size and thermal performance.

Key Applications

Some common applications of 8 channel encoder decoder ICs include:

Security Camera DVRs

An 8 channel IC allows supporting up to 8 security cameras with features like remote access and motion detection.

Automotive Infotainment

ICs can manage multiple HD video and audio sources from around the vehicle.

Broadcast Video Infrastructure

ICs can encode and decode multiple video and audio feeds for broadcast, streaming, and surveillance applications.

Home Theater Systems

Enables integrating multiple HDMI sources and audio formats into a home theater setup.

Audio Mixing Consoles

An IC can encode/decode multiple channels of audio from various XLR or digital sources.

Top 8 Channel Encoder Decoder IC Manufacturers

Some top manufacturers producing 8 channel encoder decoder ICs include:

  • Texas Instruments (TMS320DM8148)
  • Maxim Integrated (MAX9924-MAX9927)
  • Analog Devices (ADV7612)
  • Nuvoton (NUVOTON NCT7904D)
  • Renesas Electronics (Renesas RAA274280)
  • STMicroelectronics (STiH416)
  • Infineon Technologies (Infineon CIMPLUS LU 200/8)
  • ON Semiconductor (ONN87118)

When selecting an IC, be sure to evaluate resolution, codecs, interfaces, operating range, package type, and other specs for your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an encoder IC and a decoder IC?

Encoder ICs take analog or digital signals as input and compress/convert them into encoded digital signals. Decoder ICs take encoded signals and convert them back into analog or uncompressed digital signals. An encoder decoder IC combines both functions into a single package.

How many channels are typically supported on encoder decoder ICs?

Common channel counts range from 1 to 16 channels. 8 channels is a popular mid-range option, supporting up to 8 HD video signals while keeping cost and complexity reasonable.

What video resolutions can 8 channel ICs support?

Many 8 channel ICs support up to 1080p30 video, while some more advanced models can support higher resolutions like 4K. The maximum resolution depends on the IC specs, channel bandwidth, and encoding/decoding chip area.

What’s the difference between H.264 and H.265 video codecs?

H.265 offers around double the compression efficiency of H.264, enabling higher video quality at the same bitrates. However, H.264 is more widely supported. Newer ICs often support both codecs.

How do I interface analog signals with an encoder IC?

Most encoder ICs support both analog and digital interfaces. For analog, analog-to-digital converter (ADC) ICs are used to digitize the signals before the encoder IC. Some encoder ICs have integrated ADCs.