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Apple R & D center settled in Shenzhen, the PCB industry will cause those effects?

Apple R & D center settled in Shenzhen, the PCB industry will cause those effects

Apple CEO Cook valued Shenzhen’s two major advantages: the city’s spirit of innovation and a large number of excellent talents in application development.

  So Apple set up a R & D center in Shenzhen, PCB industry will cause those effects?

  First of all, Apple’s hard and soft board orders for all PCB / FPC companies are the meat and potatoes, and become a member of the Apple supply chain for PCB / FPC companies not only means lucrative, but also a symbol of high quality. Apple set up a R & D center in Shenzhen, Shenzhen PCB / FPC enterprises close contact, will certainly stimulate the PCB / FPC manufacturers to make every effort to improve the quality of their own products, which in turn will be PCB / FPC materials and equipment to put forward higher requirements, thereby stimulating the quality of the entire PCB industry to enhance the quality of the board, as well as the formation of a kind of benign competition, to promote the development of the industry.

  At the same time, Apple’s R & D center in Shenzhen, can provide at least 200,000 employment opportunities, will attract a large number of technical personnel to deep, the inflow of talent on the PCB / FPC enterprises can not be underestimated, will accelerate the enterprise’s technological innovation and product innovation.

  Again, Apple’s R&D center settled in Shenzhen, in line with the principle of local materials, will increase the demand for inland PCB/FPC, stimulate domestic demand and promote the development of PCB/FPC industry.

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