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Chip Decryption Service Introduction

Chip Decryption Service Introduction

Chip decryption process and notes:
1、Receive the IC, test the chip without problems, pay a deposit (usually half of the amount of decryption), arrange for decryption.
2、Decryption is completed, provide N+1 samples for customer testing. (N refers to the number of mother chips provided by the customer)
3、Sample test without problems, pay the balance and send the program; sample test problems, provide test equipment (with a normal motherboard, motherboard model and program must be the same as the decryption of the motherboard) for engineering test to find the cause. Indeed is a decryption problem can be re-solution or return the deposit.
4, test results try to reply within one month, six months after the feedback, the deposit is not refundable, and no longer do processing.

Warm tips:
1, if the customer reflects the sample has a problem but can not provide test equipment to us to find the reason, the deposit is not refundable.
2, decryption process are at risk, we strive to 100% success. If we fail, we are not responsible for compensation for the loss of the master piece.
3、Once the decryption is confirmed, no matter the decryption is successful or not, the master piece used for decryption will not be returned.
4、Sample confirmation OK, and has paid the balance of the project sent program, the follow-up if the customer then responds to the program has a problem, we do not assume the responsibility of refund.

What is chip decryption:
Chip decryption is also known as IC decryption, because the main chip in the formal electronic products are encrypted, directly using the programmer can not read out the program. But sometimes for some reasons, need to get the program inside the main chip of the circuit board, used for reference research study, find lost information or copy some chips, which need to do chip decryption.

How to do chip decryption?
At present, there are two practices of chip decryption:
The first, software-based, known as non-intrusive attacks, with the help of some software checksum induction and voltage current and other attack techniques can also be designed through the special software and equipment to achieve the role of data guidance so as to achieve the encryption of the chip data regeneration purposes. Such as similar to the programmer’s homemade devices, this method does not destroy the mother chip (decryption chip in the non-encrypted state);
The second, hardware-based, auxiliary software, known as the invasive attack, this method needs to peel off the mother chip (open cover or called open seal, decapsulation), and then the use of modern high-precision plasma equipment such as FIB (usually called FIB: focused ion beam), metallurgical microscope, DECABLE equipment, etc., to deal with the encrypted circuitry of the silicon chip so that it can be read on the general or specially designed programming verification equipment. Programming verification equipment to read its internal code program. This method only affects the encryption function by destroying the chip shape and structure and the chip core line, and does not change the function of the chip itself.

RayMing chip decryption advantages:

  1. Adopting internationally advanced IC professional testing equipment and algorithm research software;
    2, accurate understanding of various types of IC chips and microcontroller core architecture and instruction code;
    3、Can export the complete program code inside the chip, and can conduct reverse analysis and exploration on the basis of the existing code;

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