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Encoder and Decoder IC List in 2023

Encoder and Decoder IC List in 2023

Encoders and decoders are essential components in many electronic systems and devices for converting signals and data between different formats. With continued innovation, many new encoder and decoder integrated circuits (ICs) have been introduced to the market, providing more options and capabilities for system designers. This article provides an overview and list of some of the most popular encoder and decoder ICs available in 2023.

Rotary Encoder ICs

Rotary encoders detect rotational position and direction. They commonly use optical sensing and convert rotation into digital pulses that can be read by a counter or microcontroller. Below are some common rotary encoder ICs:

AS5040 10-Bit Programmable Magnetic Rotary Encoder

The AS5040 from AMS is a contactless magnetic rotary encoder IC with 10-bit resolution. It can detect absolute angular position over a full 360° range with no revolutions per minute (RPM) limit.

Resolution10-bit (1024 positions per revolution)
Power Supply2.7V to 5.5V
InterfaceSPI / PWM / ABI

AS5048A 14-Bit Magnetic Rotary Position Sensor

The AS5048A from AMS provides 14-bit accuracy (16,384 positions) over a full 360° range. It outputs an incremental ABZ quadrature signal.

Resolution14-bit (16,384 positions per revolution)
Power Supply3.3V to 5V
InterfaceABI / PWM / SPI / I2C
PackageSOIC-8 / TSSOP-14

Bourns Encoders AEC12 and AEC14 Series

Bourns makes optical incremental rotary encoder ICs in 12-bit AEC12 and 14-bit AEC14 series. Both provide quadrature TTL/CMOS outputs.

ChannelsA, B, and IndexA, B, and Index
Supply Voltage2.7-5.5V4.5-5.5V
OutputQuadrature TTL/CMOSQuadrature TTL/CMOS

Magnetic Encoder ICs

Magnetic encoders detect linear, rotary or angular displacement using magnetics. Some common magnetic encoder ICs:

ams AS5304 12-bit Programmable Linear Hall Encoder

The AS5304 is a linear magnetic encoder IC with 12-bit resolution. It senses the magnetic field from a movable permanent magnet using Hall elements.

Resolution12-bit (4096 positions)
Measurement RangeUp to 20mm
InterfaceDigital SPI
PackageSOIC-8 / TSSOP-16

ams AS5147U/AS5147U-HS 10/12-bit Magnetic Encoder

The AS5147U family provides 10 or 12 bits of accuracy for linear, rotary and angle encoding using Hall elements. Available in ultra-low power and high-speed versions.

Resolution10 or 12-bit
Measurement RangeUp to 28mm
Power Supply1.62 – 5.5V
InterfaceSPI / UART / PWM / SENT
PackageTSSOP-16 / TSSOP-24

Capacitive Encoder ICs

Capacitive encoders measure changes in capacitance to determine position, speed or proximity. They do not require physical contact.

Cypress Semiconductor CAPSENSETM CSD7422 Capacitive Encoder

The CSD7482 from Cypress is a high resolution capacitive rotary position encoder IC with 22-bit accuracy. Interfaces via I2C/SPI.

Power Supply2.7 – 5.5V

Microchip CAP1188 8-bit Capacitive Encoder

The CAP1188 provides an 8-bit capacitive encoder in a compact SOT-23 package. Operates from 1.8-5.5V.

Power Supply1.8 – 5.5V

Optical Encoder ICs

Optical incremental encoders use photo-sensors to convert motion into digital pulses. Below are some common optical encoder ICs.

Avago Technologies HEDS-9000 and HEDS-9100

The HEDS-9000 and HEDS-9100 families provide quadrature TTL/CMOS outputs. Available in various resolutions and packages.

  • HEDS-9000 – Incremental encoder ICs
  • HEDS-9100 – Incremental encoder ICs with built-in index output
ResolutionUp to 2500 CPR
Output1x and 2x Quadrature TTL/CMOS
IndexHEDS-9100 only
Supply Voltage2.7 – 7V

ams AS5040 10-bit Magnetic Rotary Encoder

The AS5040 is an incremental optical rotary encoder IC with integrated photodetectors. Provides advanced 10-bit accuracy with digital interfaces.

Resolution10-bit (1024 PPR)
Power Supply2.7 – 5.5V
InterfaceSPI / PWM / ABI

Absolute Encoder ICs

Absolute encoders output a unique digital code for each position within a full revolution or travel range. They maintain position information when power is removed.

Broadcom AEAT-6600 Series Absolute Encoders

The AEAT-6600 series provides absolute optical encoding using CMOS imaging with up to 16-bit resolution.

  • AEAT-6600 – 13-bit single-turn absolute encoder
  • AEAT-6608 – 16-bit multi-turn absolute encoder
ResolutionUp to 16-bit
Power Supply3.3 – 5V
InterfaceSSI / BiSS / SPI / Parallel
CodeGray or Binary
PackageQFN / CerDIP

ams AS5045 14-bit Programmable Magnetic Rotary Encoder

The AS5045 is a contactless magnetic absolute encoder IC with 14-bit single-turn resolution. Provides digital SPI and analog interfaces.

Resolution14-bit Single-Turn
Power Supply3.3 – 5V
InterfaceSPI / Analog
PackageSSOP-16 / TSSOP-16

Incremental Decoder ICs

Incremental decoder ICs convert the outputs from incremental encoders into position and motion data.

Microchip Technology TC78H660FTG

The TC78H660FTG accepts differential A/B encoder inputs up to 20 MHz to calculate position, velocity, and direction. Interfaces via SPI.

Encoder InputsA, B (differential)
Max Frequency20 MHz
OutputsPosition, Velocity, Direction
Supply Voltage3.3V

STMicroelectronics L6234 High Resolution Decoder IC

The L6234 is an advanced incremental decoder supporting 1 – 2 million pulses per revolution. Provides ultra fine resolution and high stability.

Max PPR2 Million
InputsA, B, Index (differential/single-ended)
Resolution<1 arcmin
InterfaceSSI / ABI
Supply Voltage4.5 – 5.5V

Absolute Decoder ICs

Absolute decoder ICs convert the parallel or serial data from absolute encoders into position values.

ams AS5055 16-Bit SSI Absolute Encoder Decoder

The AS5055 works with absolute encoders using SSI interface. It calculates position from Gray-coded data up to 16 bits.

ResolutionUp to 16-bit data
Supply Voltage3 – 5.5V

Microchip Technology MA3 Series Absolute Encoder Decoders

The MA3 series decoder ICs support absolute encoders using Gray code. Available for serial and parallel interfaces.

MA3-04B12S12-bit serial Gray code decoder
MA3-10M12S12-bit serial BCD decoder
MA3-04B12P12-bit parallel Gray code decoder

Commonly Used Interface Standards

Here are some common digital interface standards used with encoder and decoder ICs:

  • SPI – Serial Peripheral Interface – 4-wire synchronous serial communication
  • I2C – Inter-Integrated Circuit – 2-wire serial bus
  • SSI – Synchronous Serial Interface – Serial absolute encoder protocol
  • BiSS – Bidirectional Serial Synchronous – Open standard serial protocol
  • USB – Universal Serial Bus – Host/device interface standard
  • UART/RS-232/RS-485 – Asynchronous serial communication standards
  • Parallel – Multiple digital signals in parallel
  • PWM – Pulse Width Modulation – Time based signaling
  • ABI – Absolute Interface – AMS proprietary single wire interface

Typical Applications and Use Cases

Encoder and decoder ICs are used in many motion control, robotics, industrial, automotive, consumer and other applications including:

  • Motor feedback – Precisely controlling position, velocity, direction
  • Process automation – Tracking position for linear slides, stages, arms
  • Robotics – Navigation, positioning, speed control
  • Automotive – Steering wheel position, wheel speed sensors, transmissions
  • Consumer – Appliance control knobs, fitness equipment
  • Industrial – CNC machines, factory automation, cranes
  • Aviation – Control stick, flap/stabilizer position sensing
  • Medical – Scanners, imaging equipment motion control
  • Office – Printers, copiers, scanners

Choosing the right encoder and decoder ICs requires understanding the performance, interface, resolution, and package requirements for the target application. The list of ICs covered in this article provides an overview of common options available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an encoder IC?

An encoder IC converts motion, position or magnetic/capacitive changes into digital signals for processing by electronic circuits and systems. Optical, magnetic, capacitive, and mechanical techniques are used to detect movement or position.

What is a decoder IC?

A decoder IC converts the digital signals from an encoder into usable position and motion data. Decoders may calculate absolute position, relative changes, velocity, and direction from encoder outputs.

What are the main types of encoder ICs?

Common types include optical incremental, magnetic, capacitive, rotary, linear, and absolute position encoders. Each uses different sensing methods to meet cost, resolution, interface and robustness requirements.

What outputs do encoders provide?

Quadrature incremental encoders provide A/B/Z pulses to indicate position and direction changes. Absolute encoders give a unique digital word corresponding to an exact angle or position.

How are encoder ICs interfaced?

Common interfaces include parallel, SPI, I2C, USB, RS-232/485, PWM, SSI, and proprietary protocols. The interface impacts wiring complexity and communication speed.

What resolution do encoder ICs provide?

Resolutions range from 6 to 22 bits. Higher resolution encoders can distinguish finer angular or position changes. Resolution must be matched to accuracy requirements.

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