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How much does a PCB copy cost?

How much does a PCB copy cost

The price of PCB copy board varies according to different boards and requirements. How to calculate the cost of copy board can refer to the following aspects.

PCB copy board price calculation.

the size of the board
PCB board area size, if the irregular shape of the board, it means the maximum range of the shape. The size of the board are tolerance range, the general shape tolerance of the size of the single side of + / – 0.2 or so.

Board layers
1-38 layers and other different layers of PCB board copy. Here refers to 1 layer is a single panel, 2 layers is a double panel 4 layers is a four-layer board, 6 layers is a 6-layer board! Generally speaking, the same area of the PCB board, the more layers, the higher the cost of copying the board fee.

device density
Device (resistors, capacitors, inductors, etc.) density is directly related to the workload and the difficulty of copying the board (device density of the board in the disassembly of components, record the bit number, grinding board must pay more attention to), so PCB copy cost is also linked to the board device density, the greater the density, the higher the price of copying the board.

ease of operation
The ease of operation of PCB copy board is mainly related to the above two points of the number of layers of the board and the density of the device, but also other aspects, such as the integrity of the board.
Generally speaking, many companies provide PCB copy board, but also provide material procurement and PCBA finished product processing services, and for customers, PCB copy board also need more follow-up development, batch processing and other follow-up work, if you can choose the same copy board company for the entire process of development, will also enjoy certain benefits, reduce the price of copy board, or even free copy board.
Through the above four different reference aspects of the introduction, you can know the price of the copy board to be confirmed according to the different PCB board. The above is a narrow reference of PCB copy board offer. Sometimes it is necessary not only to clone circuit boards, but also to make BOM lists, decrypt chips, make prototypes and even mass production. So the quotation is not a generalization.

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