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How to crack hctl2016

How to crack hctl2016


hctl2016 is a skills competition organized by HackerEarth for engineering students. It tests skills in various domains like machine learning, cloud computing, devops etc. Cracking hctl2016 requires thorough preparation and strategic thinking. In this detailed guide, we will discuss tips and techniques to ace hctl2016.

Important Details About hctl2016

Before jumping into preparation strategies, let’s first understand key details about hctl2016:

Eligibility Criteria

  • Only engineering students are eligible
  • Students in pre-final/final year can participate

Exam Pattern

  • Online test of 120 minutes
  • Objective type MCQ questions
  • No negative marking
  • Questions are from domains like:
    • Machine Learning
    • Cloud computing
    • Devops
    • Full stack development

Scoring and Ranking

  • You get 1 mark for each correct answer
  • Your rank is based on total marks obtained
  • Top rankers get prizes and job opportunities

How to Prepare for hctl2016

Cracking hctl2016 requires a strategic preparation approach. Here are some tips:

Understand the Syllabus

  • Carefully go through previous year papers and mock tests
  • Identify most frequently asked topics
  • Focus more on high weightage domains like ML, cloud, devops

Strengthen Your Concepts

  • For ML, learn algorithms like SVM, KNN, Random Forest etc
  • For cloud, understand AWS/Azure/GCP services and architectures
  • Learn tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins for devops
  • Solidify coding skills in languages like Python, Java, JS

Practice on Mock Platforms

  • Attempt mock tests on platforms like Hackerrank, Leetcode
  • Appear for official hctl mock tests
  • Analyze your performance and identify weak areas
  • Keep taking tests till you start scoring 90%+ marks

Manage Your Time During the Exam

  • Don’t get stuck on any question for too long
  • Mark questions you find difficult and comeback later
  • Prioritize attempting questions you’re confident about
  • Use elimination technique for MCQs to narrow down options

Stay Motivated

  • Set a practical target score
  • Imagine yourself as a hctl winner
  • Stay positive and avoid burnout

Tips During the Exam

  • Carefully read the question before answering
  • Don’t panic if you find a question difficult, move to the next one
  • Use scratch pad to note down important points
  • Ensure you click the submit button in the end

FAQs Related to hctl2016 Preparation

Here are some common queries related to preparing for hctl2016:

Q1. How many months of preparation is sufficient for hctl?

It is recommended to prepare for at least 3-4 months by dedicating 2-3 hours daily. Use the initial months for concept strengthening and later months for mock tests.

Q2. Which domains should I focus on for hctl?

Machine learning, cloud computing and devops carry higher weightage. Also strengthen your coding skills in Python, Java, JavaScript.

Q3. Where can I find previous year papers and mock tests?

You can find previous year papers on HackerEarth’s website. Additionally, platforms like HackerRank and Leetcode provide hundreds of mock tests to practice.

Q4. Can I crack hctl in the first attempt itself?

Yes, with thorough preparation as per the tips mentioned in this article, it is possible to crack hctl in the first attempt itself. Stay motivated and work hard.

Q5. How should I allocate time across different sections during the exam?

Quickly go through all the questions first. Then prioritize sections where you are stronger. Leave the difficult sections for the end. Don’t get stuck on any question, move fast.


hctl2016 provides a great opportunity to showcase your technology skills. With an effective preparation strategy focused on concepts, mock tests and time management, you can definitely crack hctl in the first attempt itself. Regular practice is the key. Stay motivated and work systematically towards your goal.

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