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How to crack ht 12d

How to crack ht 12d


The ht 12d entrance exam is a competitive exam conducted by NTA for admission to B.E/B.Tech programs offered by the Hindustan Colleges of Science and Technology (HVCST). It is one of the toughest engineering entrance exams in the country with only a 2-3% selection rate. Cracking ht 12d requires thorough preparation, smart study techniques and a strategic approach. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the entire process of acing the ht 12d exam with an optimal study plan, expert tips and tricks.

Understanding the Exam Pattern

The first step to crack any exam is understanding its pattern and syllabus. Here are the key details of the ht 12d exam pattern:

Mode of Exam

  • Computer based test (CBT)


  • 3 hours


SectionTopics CoveredNo. of Questions
PhysicsMechanics, Waves, Optics, etc50
ChemistryPhysical, Organic, Inorganic50
MathematicsAlgebra, Calculus, Geometry50
AptitudeLogical Reasoning, Data Interpretation50

Marking Scheme

  • +4 marks for correct answer
  • -1 mark for incorrect answer
  • No negative marking for unattempted questions

Important Points

  • The paper is conducted in English only
  • There are a total of 200 questions
  • Sectional time limit of 60 min per section

Now that we understand the basic exam pattern, let’s look at the detailed syllabus section-wise.

Detailed Syllabus

Analyzing the detailed ht 12d syllabus is crucial to understand the focus areas and create an effective preparation plan. Here is the section-wise syllabus breakdown:

Physics Syllabus

Physics section tests concepts from both class 11 and 12 CBSE syllabus. Key topics include:


  • Laws of motion
  • Work, energy and power
  • Systems of particles and rotational motion


  • Wave motion
  • Superposition principle
  • Speed of sound waves


  • Reflection and refraction
  • Lenses and mirrors
  • Wave optics

Electricity and Magnetism:

  • Electrostatics
  • Current electricity
  • Magnetic effects of current
  • Electromagnetic induction

Modern Physics:

  • Dual nature of radiation
  • Atoms and nuclei
  • Semiconductor devices


  • Significant figures
  • Errors in measurement
  • Dimensions

Chemistry Syllabus

Chemistry section covers both physical chemistry, organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry from class 11 and 12 syllabus. Key topics include:

Physical Chemistry:

-States of matter -Chemical equilibrium -Ionic equilibrium -Chemical kinetics -Electrochemistry -Surface chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry:

-Classification of elements -Chemical bonding -Coordination compounds -s-block and p-block elements

Organic Chemistry:

-Nomenclature -Isomerism -Alkanes, alkenes -Alcohols, phenols -Aldehydes and ketones -Carboxylic acids -Amines

General Topics:

-Hydrocarbons -Haloalkanes -Polymers -Biomolecules -Chemistry in everyday life

Mathematics Syllabus

The math section covers key topics from classes 11 and 12 CBSE math curriculum:


-Complex numbers -Quadratic equations -Sequences and series -Binomial theorem -Matrices


-Limits and continuity -Differentiation -Integration -Application of derivatives and integrals

Coordinate Geometry:

-Lines and planes -Conic sections


-Vectors and scalars -Operations on vectors

3D Geometry:

-Direction cosines -Equation of planes


-Random experiments -Mathematical expectation


-Trigonometric functions and identities

Aptitude Syllabus

The aptitude section tests logical reasoning, quantitative ability, data interpretation skills. Key topics include:

  • Syllogisms
  • Arrangements
  • Analogies
  • Series
  • Coding-decoding
  • Blood relations
  • Direction sense
  • Data sufficiency
  • Data interpretation (charts, graphs, tables)
  • Quantity, speed and time
  • Percentage
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Averages
  • Profit and loss
  • Mixtures and allegations

This covers the detailed ht 12d syllabus. Now let’s look at important books for ht 12d preparation.

Best Books for ht 12d Preparation

Referring to the best books is vital for in-depth preparation and concept clarity. Here are some recommended books for ht 12d:

SectionRecommended Books
PhysicsUnderstanding Physics by DC Pandey <br>Concepts of Physics by HC Verma <br>Problems in General Physics by IE Irodov
ChemistryPhysical Chemistry by OP Tandon <br>Organic Chemistry by Morrison Boyd <br>Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee <br>Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee
MathematicsMathematics XI and XII by RD Sharma <br>Mathematics by RS Aggarwal <br>Calculus by Gopinath
AptitudeAnalytical Reasoning by MK Pandey <br>Quantitative Aptitude by RS Aggarwal

Additionally, you can refer to previous years question papers to understand the exam pattern and level of questions.

Effective Study Plan

Now that we have understood the exam pattern, syllabus and resources, let’s devise an effective 6 month study plan:

Month 1

  • Revise concepts from 11th and 12th PCM thoroughly
  • Solve previous year papers topic-wise
  • Strengthen your weak areas

Month 2

  • Complete syllabus of one subject
  • Start solving sample papers
  • Focus on speed and accuracy

Month 3

  • Complete syllabus of second subject
  • Analyze your performance to identify improvement areas
  • Keep taking mocks to build exam temperament

Month 4

  • Complete syllabus of third subject
  • Start intensive revision with notes
  • Take sectional and full mocks

Month 5

  • Take at least one full mock every week
  • Thorough revision using mock analysis
  • Work on time management

Month 6

  • Take mock tests every alternate day
  • Consistent studies with effective time management
  • Revise formulas, concepts and important topics

This 6 month plan will help you thoroughly prepare each subject and master time management. Make sure to also focus on your physical and mental wellbeing through adequate rest.

Important Preparation Tips

Along with the study plan, also keep these expert tips in mind:

Strengthen Concepts

  • Focus on understanding concepts in depth
  • Relate theories to real life applications
  • Refer illustrations and examples to clarify concepts

Practice with Previous Papers

  • Solve past 10 years question papers
  • Analyze your performance to identify weak areas
  • Improve speed and accuracy of solving questions

Attempt Mocks

  • Take regular mock tests
  • Analyze mocks to gauge improvement
  • Work on time management during mocks

Make Notes

  • Prepare handwritten notes for quick revision
  • Highlight important formulas, rules, definitions
  • Stick to key points instead of lengthy notes

Work on Speed

  • Aim to finish each section within 1 hour
  • Solve previous year papers against time
  • Take sectional tests to improve speed

Manage Time

  • Practice timed tests to optimize speed
  • Learn to allocate time as per question difficulty level
  • Finish easier questions first

Stay Motivated

  • Set realistic goals and celebrate small milestones
  • Maintain work-life balance through hobbies
  • Stay healthy with adequate sleep and nutrition

If you follow this well-planned strategy and preparation guidelines, you will be able to successfully crack the ht 12d exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common FAQs about ht 12d exam preparation:

Q1. How much time should be devoted daily towards ht 12d preparation?

Ans. Aim for at least 5-6 dedicated hours of ht 12d preparation daily. Have a balanced schedule with revision, mocks and concept strengthening.

Q2. How to make notes effectively for ht 12d exam?

Ans. Focus on key concepts, formulas, and important theorems when making notes. Use highlighters and stick to bullet points. Avoid lengthy sentences.

Q3. Which mock test series is best for ht 12d?

Ans. Testbook, Embibe, CollegeDekho and Arihant mock series provide the most authentic ht 12d mock tests. Solve them diligently.

Q4. What is more important – speed or accuracy for ht 12d?

Ans. Both speed and accuracy hold equal importance in ht 12d. Build speed through regular timed practice. Minimize errors through concept clarity.

Q5. How many questions should be attempted in each section?

Ans. Attempt at least 45 questions from each section. Don’t waste too much time on any question. Move ahead to solve easier questions first.

I hope these preparation guidelines will help you successfully crack the ht 12d exam. Stay motivated and keep working diligently towards your goals.

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