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HT46R064, HT46R065 and HT46R066 Chip Decryption Offers

HT46R064, HT46R065 and HT46R066 Chip Decryption Offers

RayMing Technologies HT46R064, HT46R065, HT46R066, HT46R0662 and HT46R067 chips are decrypted at discounted prices.

HT46R064, HT46R065, HT46R066, HT46R0662 and HT46R067 are Enhanced A/D type eight-bit OTP microcontrollers. The Enhanced A/D type series are 8-bit microcontrollers with high-performance compact instruction set microcontrollers, which are widely used. Adhering to the HOLTEK microcontroller with low power consumption, I/O flexibility, timer function, oscillation type selectable, watchdog and low voltage reset and other rich functional options, enhanced I / O microcontroller has a very high cost-effective, and its internal integration of the system oscillator HIRC, to provide three types of frequency selection, without the need to increase the number of external components, can be widely used in a variety of applications such as industrial control, consumer products, household appliances sub-system control, etc.. products, home appliance subsystem control, etc.

For HT46R064, HT46R065, HT46R066, HT46R0662 and HT46R067 decryption, Hualan’s unique Holtek solution can decrypt HT46R064, HT46R065, HT46R066, HT46R0662 and HT46R067 chips. HT46R067 chip decryption success rate is very high.

HT46R064,HT46R065,HT46R066,HT46R0662 and HT46R067 CPU characteristics:
Operating Voltage.
fSYS=4MHz: 2.2V~5.5V
fSYS=8MHz: 3.3V~5.5V
fSYS=12MHz: 4.5V~5.5V
At VDD=5V and 12MHz, the instruction cycle is 0.33ms.
Idle/Sleep mode and wake-up function to reduce power consumption
Oscillation Mode.
External high frequency crystal – HXT
External RC – ERC
Internal high frequency RC – HIRC
External low frequency crystal – LXT
4 operating modes: Normal mode, Low speed mode, Idle mode, Sleep mode.
Internal 4MHz, 8MHz and 12MHz RC oscillator, no need to add external components.
Watchdog Timer
LIRC oscillator for watchdog clock.
All instructions are completed in 1 or 2 instruction cycles.
Table lookup instructions
63 powerful instructions
Up to 8 levels of hardware stack
Bit manipulation instructions
Low voltage reset function
Multiple package types available

HT46R064,HT46R065,HT46R066,HT46R0662 and HT46R067 peripheral features:
Maximum 42 bi-directional input/output ports
4 software controlled SCOM ports 1/2bias LCD driver
One external interrupt input multiplexed with I/O ports
Up to three 8-bit programmable timers/counters with overflow interrupt and prescaler function
Time base function
PDF function

HT46R064, HT46R065, HT46R066, HT46R0662 and HT46R067 chip due to the above characteristics, prompted by the chip decryption difficulty than other Hoptek microcontroller decryption difficulty, chip decryption cost is high. Therefore, the cost of HT46R064, HT46R065, HT46R066, HT46R0662 and HT46R067 chip decryption is higher than that of other Hi-Tech microcontrollers. If you have HT46R064 chip decryption, HT46R065 chip decryption, HT46R066 chip decryption, HT46R0662 chip decryption or HT46R067 chip decryption needs, welcome to call and visit us to discuss. Tel:0755-27389625

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