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In the face of domestic car reduction, PCB copy board how to save themselves

In the face of domestic car reduction, PCB copy board how to save themselves

PCB copy board, also known as clone PCB, PCB copy or printed circuit board reverse development, refers to the use of reverse technology to study and analyze the existing circuit boards or electronic products and obtain key information from PCB files, BOM, schematic diagrams, then the original product is a complete copy of the clone. PCB copy board is the process of learning advanced knowledge and innovation digestion and absorption. We introduce high-end automobile products from abroad, you can use the copy board technology of reverse DNS and absorb high-end technology, structure, raw materials, and then obtain the knowledge of digestion to achieve mastery of the subject through comprehensive research; finally, based on the improvement of the problem and secondary development. This can not only avoid the introduction of technology, “reduction” phenomenon, but also can create a local characteristics of the car is not the same product.

  Shenzhen RayMing Technology PCB copy board hardware and software has unparalleled power!

  In many domestic enterprises engaged in the copy board industry, Guangdong Dragon Computer is a deserved leader. Twenty years of centralized modification to PCB copy board, PCB design, PCB board, chip decryption, casting, prototype production, OEM / ODM / SMT casting materials on behalf of the electronic equipment cloning and secondary development of one-stop service. Shenzhen RayMing Technology is not only equipped with powerful hardware equipment and the world’s advanced level of copy board equipment, but also has unparalleled soft power, a group of senior software and hardware development engineers, perfect management system and quality assurance system Dragon to add more color. Shenzhen RayMing Technology Replica Development Bureau products involved in various industries, including automobile machines and electronic parts, cloning success rate of 100%, according to the actual needs of the equipment and the secondary development and transformation of the results of new and better products.

  Open 2014 Paris Motor Show, a large number of high-end foreign brand models are the first open localization, which must be said that the domestic market has a huge attraction. But the disappointment is that into the domestic market brands and imported models always have such or differences. Although it is the same technology, but not only the price difference, even the configuration of domestic cars is far behind the imported cars. Reduce the domestic production of new cars seems to be an unwritten rule, the domestic joint venture party due to the lack of technical sound, can only continue for the imported cars, it is difficult to fight for the interests of consumers. Therefore, how to eliminate the “-” phenomenon in the automobile manufacturing impact of domestic enterprises and how to save themselves?

  With PCB copy board technology to eliminate the domestic “-” phenomenon

  We all know that if there is any reduction in the standardization of the problem, not only will it directly affect the level of domestic automobile manufacturing industry, but also will encourage foreign double standard treatment for domestic consumers. Therefore, in order to break this foreign technology monopoly of the nature of the double standard problem, China’s automobile manufacturing enterprises must be able to fully master and digest and absorb foreign technology, it does not depend on the introduction of technology, because foreign domestic technology often put their own room, so we also need PCB copy board reverse technology research with the help of the phenomenon of the “problem” and the reduction of the foreign double production, and the establishment of a strong Chinese manufacturing, we also need to continue to reduce the problem of normalization, not only will directly affect the level of domestic automobile manufacturing, but also will encourage domestic consumers foreign double standard treatment. Made in China, we also need to continuously introduce the local enhancement technology, the so-called PCB copy board board, hardware and software secondary development. This can become a real Made in China, but also in order to make the domestic manufacturing industry to go out and realize the purpose of catching up with foreign brands.

  Domestic automotive electronics development needs in the future will continue to rise, multinational companies will be more and more, how to eliminate the problem of double manufacturing, which is the PCB copy board company should bear the responsibility. PCB copy board can not only identify the difference between Chinese and foreign manufacturing industry, is also conducive to the improvement of the domestic equipment and technology, so more and more domestic automotive technology upgrading grade.

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