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PCB copy board innovation drive and independent research and development rational use of

PCB copy board innovation drive and independent research and development rational use of

The Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee called for the enhancement of the new power of innovation drive, and General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that the implementation of the innovation-driven strategy can not wait, can not wait and see, and can not slacken. The so-called PCB copy board innovation drive, is not not support independent innovation, but through PCB copy board in control of the existing advanced technology on the basis of re-innovation. If the enterprise has capital, technology, talent, to the unknown high-tech exploration, and independent innovation, the government should be strongly advocated and given support; and start from scratch small and medium-sized enterprises, obviously, but also with the help of external forces to innovation and drive the development of PCB copy board reverse innovation means, can quickly promote the transformation and upgrading of the local electronic products.

  The industry’s concern about PCB copy boards urgently need quality certification.

  Due to the deep-rooted culture of “copycat” and inadequate protection of intellectual property rights, the industry still has many concerns about PCB copy boards. To the glass substrate, for example, panel makers actually have sufficient incentive to use PCB copy board secondary development of domestic glass substrate, because of the relatively cheap price of domestic glass substrate can make it in the fully competitive LCD panel market to maintain a certain level of gross profit. But in recent years, the downstream panel factory on the use of domestic glass substrate is very little, the reason is not unwilling to use, but the quality of its still have doubts. And this is why the market is so concerned about the downstream PCB quality certification results.

  ISO dual-soft certification of high-tech PCB copy board manufacturers

  As the first batch of high-tech enterprises approved by the State Council, RayMing Technology has been the only boutique manufacturing factory with dual-soft certification in the field of PCB copy boards for many years, and the factory is also equipped with ISO9002 quality system and ISO14000 environmental protection certification.Although RayMing PCB copy boards play a latecomer’s advantage, they are positioned at the high-end, directly connecting to the international first-class technology, except for In addition to advanced manufacturing equipment, RayMing also makes full use of the resources of the headquarter, absorbing the latest design standards and concepts from the research institutes and expert teams established in Beijing and Guangdong, so that it can be used as the basic platform for PCB modification and secondary development of software and hardware, realizing the internationalization of product quality, and enhancing the competitiveness of the products. The production line of the glass substrate that has already been put into production comprehensively adopts the precise measurement technology, original and efficient repair technology, installation, fast modular structure, user-friendly and easy-to-use technology. The glass substrate production line has been put into production with precise measurement technology, original and efficient rework technology, fast modular structure, humanized intelligent control system, and completely internationalized supporting equipment, which is among the best in the international and domestic industry in terms of both scale and technical level.

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