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PCB copy board will meet the demand of IoT commercialization development

PCB copy board will meet the demand of IoT commercialization development

Recently, China Unicom and Huawei announced that in the “5G” and “Internet of Things” two major innovation areas to reach a consensus on cooperation, will give full play to their respective fields of business innovation advantages, to promote the development of a new generation of network technology applications of the domestic Internet of Things. Shenzhen PCB copy board industry, said the Internet of Things is experiencing from hardware and other basic equipment to software platforms and vertical industry applications upgrade, with the introduction of the relevant technical standards, will usher in a huge new opportunity for development.

  Shenzhen PCB copy board industry analysis said that NB-IoT is an emerging technology in the field of IoT, which can support the efficient connection of low-power devices in the wide area network of cellular data. At the recently held Mobile World Congress 2016, domestic mobile communication enterprises have said that they will use NB-IoT technology to open up new market space and provide comprehensive technical and commercial support for the upcoming launch of IoT commercialization on a large scale.

  Industry reports show that at present, most of the object-to-object connections are carried by Bluetooth, WiFi and other short-distance communication technologies, while the real bearer of object-to-object connections on the mobile network only accounts for 6% of the total number of connections, which will mean that NB-IoT enters into commercial operation, and the breakthrough of bottlenecks may lead to rapid growth of the related industries.

  As a new application in the communication industry, the scale of IOT market will be further expanded under the general trend of Internet of Everything. Shenzhen PCB copy board company RayMing Technology reverse engineers said that the layout of the Internet of Things in the application side will be the first to be reflected in the sensors and instrumentation products, for this reason, based on the reverse technology PCB copy board will become an important means of steady and rapid development of the Internet of Things sensor market.

  Recently, Shenzhen PCB copy board RayMing technology in the Internet of things technology in the positive and negative R & D has made a breakthrough progress, and will be in the automotive electronics and communications electronics, medical, security, environmental monitoring, smart grid and other fields of innovative applications to provide secondary development of complete service programs to meet the domestic high-tech enterprises to provide more development needs.

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