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PCB copy board

PCB copy board 1

Shenzhen RayMing Technology, with advanced PCB copy board laboratory and professional technical team, as well as years of practical experience. Involved in various industries of electronic products cloning, imitation, and crack.
PCB copy board, that is, already have electronic products in kind and circuit board in kind under the premise of the use of reverse research and development technology means of reverse analysis of the circuit board, will be the original product of the PCB file, bill of materials (BOM) files, schematic files and other technical documents and PCB screen printing production documents for 1:1 restore, and then use these technical documents and production documents for PCB board, components Then we will use these technical documents and production documents to carry out PCB board making, component welding, flying pin test, circuit board debugging, and complete the complete copy of the original circuit board prototype.

RayMing PCB copy board service mainly includes PCB copy board, circuit board copy board, PCB cloning, PCB modification, schematic production.
  Scope of PCB copy board
  (1) All kinds of high-end computer motherboards, boards, server motherboards
  (2) All kinds of industrial control motherboards, boards and cards
  (3) High-end network router, fiber optic network switch motherboards
  (4) Digital TV, DVR, STB, LCD driver motherboards, etc.
  (5) Various wireless base stations and terminal products motherboards
  (6) A variety of high-precision instrumentation motherboards, etc.
  Our Advantages
  (1) Short project cycle Our design team not only has PCB copy board experience, but also has a deep manufacturing design background, which makes our PCB copy board success rate reach 100% at the same time, and our PCB and SMT factories provide an important guarantee for our short cycle commitment.
  (2) High quality assurance standard copy board process, perfect quality assurance system, advanced manufacturing and testing equipment to provide excellent quality assurance.
  (3) Reduce the cost of customers to balance customer needs and manufacturing constraints, optimize PCB copy board design solutions – directly save your time and money.
  PCB Copy Board Quotation
  PCB copy board quotes, priced by solder joints: (for reference only)
  Our quotation combines design density , circuit characteristics, complexity, design requirements, workload and other factors, unless the input data at the time of quotation is imperfect, or large engineering changes lead to a significant extension of the delivery time, otherwise our quotation is fixed.
PCB copy board extended out of the service:
Including circuit board revision, reverse schematic drawing, Gerber information back to the PCB file, BOM list table production, chip decryption, circuit board rapid prototyping and so on. In the copy board industry, RayMing PCB studio has more than ten years of practical experience in various industries of electronic products circuit boards are basically cloning and prototyping work, for the control of the copy board cycle, difficult technical attack, cost price has a very good advantage. RayMing copy board process, combined with the cutting-edge design software and process technology, you can create the perfect prototype; which can also generate various software formats for you. RayMing can also generate all kinds of software format documents for you, such as: PowerPCBProtel99/Se, PAD2000 and so on. Maybe you need to clone the product to generate schematic diagrams, BOM bill of materials, etc., we can also serve you throughout the process.
If you want to clone the product factory time is earlier, components have been discontinued, please look for VDDI PCB studio, our BOM engineers and procurement engineers will solve the problem for you; if you want to clone the circuit board is more cutting-edge; circuit, components are complex, but also look for RayMing PCB studio, our copy board engineers and PCB design and debugging engineers will ensure that we make a Our PCB designers and debugging engineers will guarantee to make 100% accurate schematics and perfect prototypes for you.

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