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Renesas HD64F2339VFC25 Chip Decryption,Hitachi H8S/2339 Chip Cracking

Renesas HD64F2339VFC25 Chip Decryption,Hitachi H8S2339 Chip Cracking

HD64F2339VFC25 is a member of Renesas H8S series microcontrollers. For Renesas H8S/2339 microcontroller HD64F2339VFC25 chip decryption, RayMing Technology has made a significant breakthrough after a long time of technical research, and now provides HD64F2339VFC25 chip decryption at favorable prices and other H8S series RENESAS MCU decryption.

H8S series chips are introduced as follows:
This is a rich product line to fit your application. High-speed operation, 3V/5V-I/F hybrid, low-voltage operation and USB, CAN, IE bus, equipped with a variety of interfaces suitable for Ethernet, LCD and other applications, will meet a variety of customer needs.

  1. adopting static circuit, 16-bit high-end model;.
  2. Minimum instruction execution time of 30ns is realized when basic instruction is 3.3V/33MHz in one state;.
  3. 2.2V low voltage running goods also queued; 4.
  4. Compared with conventional 16-bit microcontrollers, low-power processing of less than 1/5 in performance and functionality is realized.
  5. Compared with traditional low-noise products, low-noise products can reduce unnecessary noise width deformation by 10~20db.
  6. H8/300, H8/300H and upward compatible instructions

Features of HD64F2339VFC25:
Program memory: Flash memory
CPU (Bit, Clock, DMA, External Bus etc)
CPU: H8S/2000 (16-bit)
Max. Frequency: 25 MHz
External Interrupt Pins: 9
8-bit Timers: 2 ch
16-bit Timers: 6 ch
Watchdog Timers: 1 ch
A/D Converters: 10-bit x 12 ch
A/D Converters: 10-bit x 12 ch
D/A Converters: 8-bit x 4 ch
Operating Conditions
Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 °C

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