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Renesas M30843FJGP chip decryption,RENESAS chip decryption

Renesas M30843FJGP chip decryption,RENESAS chip decryption

M30843FJGP is a member of Renesas MC32C/84 series microcontrollers, which is a single chip control unit with MC32C/84 series CPU core using high performance silicon gate CMOS technology.
For Renesas MC32C/84 series microcontroller M30843FJGP chip decryption, RayMing Technology has made a major breakthrough after a long time of technical research, and now provides favorable price M30843FJGP chip decryption and other MC32C/84 series RENESAS MCU decryption.

M30843FJGP and MC32C/84 series RENESAS microcontrollers are mainly used in automobiles, stereos, cameras, office equipment, communication equipment, portable devices and so on.

M32C/84 series microcontrollers are as follows:
M30840MC-XXXFP, M30840MC-XXXGP,M30840SFP, M30840SGP, M30842MC-XXXGP, M30842SGP;  
m30845fhgp,m30845fjgp,m30845fwgp,m30845mw-xxxgp,m30840mct-xxxgp,m30842mct-xxxgp; m30843fjtgp,m30843fjtgp,m30843mgt-xxxgp,m30843mgu- XXXGP,M30843MHT-XXXGP;

Features of M30843FJGP:
1) 16-bit multi-function timer (Timer A and B, including 3-phase inverter motor control function): 11 channels
2) Input Capture/Output Compare Timer (Timer S): 16 bits x 1 channel
3) UART/Clock Synchronized Serial Interface: 6 channels
4) Multi-master I2C bus interface: 1 channel
5) USB: Full Speed (12 Mbps, compliant with USB 2.0 specification)
6) 10-bit A/D converter: 2 circuits, 26 channels
7) 8-bit D/A converter: 2 channels
8) DMAC: 4 channels
9) CRC calculation circuit
10) Watchdog Timer
11) Clock generator: main clock, sub-clock, internal oscillator (high speed/low speed), PLL frequency synthesizer
12) Oscillation stop detection
13) real-time clock
14) voltage detector
15) Power-on reset
16) I/O port: 85
17) External Interrupt Input: 13
18) Data Flash: 4KB × 2 blocks

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