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SN8P2714KB chip decryption program mature RayMing specializes in the decryption of Song Han SONIX microcontroller

SN8P2714KB chip decryption program mature RayMing specializes in the decryption of Song Han SONIX microcontroller

RayMing Technology specializes in decryption of SONIX microcontrollers in Songhan, and our SONIX chip decryption program is mature. Our SONIX chip decryption program is mature. We can complete the decryption of Songhan SN8P2714KB chip within a few hours and guarantee the success rate is 100%.
Now for domestic and foreign customers to provide favorable price Song Han SN8P2714KB chip decryption, and other series of SONIX microcontroller cracking services.

SN8P2714 is Taiwan SONIX 8-Channel 12-bit ADC, High speed (1T), High EFT protection.

SN8P2714 has a RISC-like high performance and low power consumption system. 1T (one instruction cycle is one clock) architecture, 16MIPS computing power. In addition, the high EFT performance makes it suitable for applications in high-interference industrial environments.The SN8P2714’s top-notch IC architecture includes 2K-word program memory (OTP ROM), 128-byte data memory (RAM), two 8-bit time counters (TC0, TC1), a watchdog timer, four interrupt sources (TC0, TC1, INT0, INT1), and an interrupt source (INT0, INT1). INT0, INT1), 7-bit DAC converter, 8-channel 12-bit ADC converter, 2-channel PWM outputs (PWM0, PWM1), buzzer outputs (BZ0, BZ1), and 8 levels of stack buffer.The SN8P2714 provides 4 different oscillator modes for the system to serve as the system clock, including high/low speed crystal oscillator, ceramic resonators and inexpensive RC oscillators. In addition, the SN8P2714 includes a programmable internal low-frequency RC oscillator as the clock source for the low-speed mode.

SN8P2714KB Chip Characteristics:
Operating voltage: 2.4V~5.5V (Fosc = 4MHz)
ROM: 2K * 16 bits
RAM: 128 * 8 bits
8-level stack buffer
Unidirectional input pin: P0
Bidirectional input and output pins: P2, P4, P5
Wake-up port triggered by level change: P0
P4 pin shared with ADC
External interrupt source: P0
Two external interrupt sources: INT0, INT1
Two internal interrupt sources: TC0, TC1
Built-in watchdog timer
8-channel 12-bit ADC
1 channel 7-bit DAC
External high-speed clock: crystal 16MHz maximum
Internal low-speed clock: RC oscillator, 16KHz/3V, 32KHz/5V
One clock cycle is one instruction cycle
Most instruction cycles are one cycle
Table lookup function (MOVC) addresses the entire ROM area

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