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The need for copyboard localization?

The need for copyboard localization

At present, many of China’s products in the field are domestic products, such as domestic large aircraft, domestic LCD panels, domestic OS, domestic CPU, etc..

  There are more than two hundred countries in the world, certain technologies and products are available or can be produced in a total of two or three countries, some even the United States is not, however, the reason why China insists on getting a Chinese version, because China has long been at the lowest end of the industrial chain, in key technologies and key equipment subject to others, relying on independent research and development alone is difficult to keep pace with the development of the international community, and PCB copyboard can quickly crack the foreign high-end technology The code, take the essence of the cast their own sword. In addition, also take into account that a country’s resources and strength is, after all, limited, even if strong as the United States to join forces, China should also learn the length of other countries.

  The so-called PCB copy board, that is, circuit board copy board, it is a reverse research technology, 1:1 reverse analysis to restore existing electronic products PCB files, bill of materials (BOM) files, schematic files and other technical documents and PCB screen printing production files, and then use these technical documents and production files for PCB board, component welding, flying probe test, circuit board debugging, complete the original circuit board The process of cloning. And localization is the digestion and absorption of foreign products and technologies introduced, and into the process of domestic production and manufacturing. It can be seen that the copy board is a very good localization tools, for the feasibility of localization research, and after the copy board PCB reboard and secondary development can largely improve the localization rate.

  In today’s rapid development of science and technology, the domestic technical level to meet the needs of modern production life, board copy and IC decryption cloning is particularly necessary, Shenzhen RayMing Technology Limited, the current domestic professional reverse R & D institutions, dedicated to providing customers with the most professional and strong technical services, Contact: 0755-27389663

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