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What’s the point of prototyping?

What's the point of prototyping

Prototyping is a key part of the product design process, but also a necessary part of the functional verification test before mass production, whether it is the product of independent research and development design or product reverse engineering development, prototyping is an important stage that can not be ignored, which directly affects the benefits of the product after the market or into the actual application of the effect.

  Specifically, in the product development process, the role of prototyping performance:

 Inspection of structural design: prototyping can verify whether the structural design meets the intended requirements, such as the structure of the reasonable or not, the degree of difficulty of the installation, the details of the ergonomic scale.

  Reduce the development risk: through the test of the prototype, problems can be found and solved before opening the mold, avoiding problems in the process of opening the mold, resulting in unnecessary losses.

  Fast to the market: According to the characteristics of fast production speed, many companies will use the prototype to do product promotion and pre-sale before the mold is developed, and quickly push the new products to the market.

  RayMing Technology specializes in providing prototype production services for various industries, on the one hand, to ensure the feasibility of product design and product into the trial production to provide a reliable physical basis, on the other hand, to ensure that the product’s performance and various indicators to meet the customer’s requirements, to facilitate access to the next stage of mass production. In order to maximize the protection of customer interests, in the formal production and development of prototypes before, we will submit to the customer a complete set of drawings, design, performance data, test data, development cycle, development costs, product prices and other information, and together to select the most appropriate program. In addition, in order to reduce development costs, to help customers accurately grasp the product market window of opportunity, and timely promotion of products on the market, our company follows the principle of optimization of design, production and functional testing, from the initial PCB design into the functional simulation and testing concepts, to minimize the subsequent development and production due to the second rework to increase the cycle and cost, and is committed to delivering the most in line with the technological development trend for the customer and the most economically efficient! We are committed to delivering the most cost-effective and high-quality prototypes to our customers in line with the technology development trend!

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