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Where to Find Circuit Board Repair Near Me

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Electronic devices and equipment rely on circuit boards to control and regulate the flow of power and signals. Over time, circuit boards can wear out or become damaged from drops, power surges, overheating, and general use. When a circuit board stops working properly, the device it powers will begin to malfunction or stop working altogether. Finding a reliable circuit board repair shop in your local area is important for restoring your electronics to proper working order quickly and economically. This guide will help you locate professional circuit board repair services nearby.

Check Repair Chain Stores

Many chain retail stores that sell and service consumer electronics operate in-house repair shops that can handle circuit board issues. Here are some major national chains to check first:

Best Buy

Most Best Buy locations have an onsite Geek Squad that employs technicians trained in circuitry diagnostics and soldering repairs for computers, phones, TVs, gaming systems, and more. Use the store locator to find a Best Buy near you.


This chain specializes in smartphone and tablet repairs but can also troubleshoot problems with game consoles, computers, and other gadgets with circuit boards. Find a store convenient to your location on their store directory.

U.S. Electronics

With stores across the country, U.S. Electronics services circuit boards for many electronics, including TVs, drones, laptops, gaming devices, vacuums, kitchen appliances, and more. Check for a location near you.

Search for Local Independent Repair Shops

Independently owned repair shops in your area may offer quality circuit board repair at competitive rates. Search online directories and maps to find options close by.


The Yelp search page allows you to look for local shops by category and read customer reviews. Search for “circuit board repair” or “electronics repair”.

Google Maps

Zoom into your area on Google Maps and search phrases like “circuit board repair near me”. Call shops to ask if they service the type of circuit board you need fixed.


Look under the Electronic Equipment & Supplies Repair category in the YellowPages directory to browse repair shops by proximity to your location.

Consult Manufacturer Approved Providers

For brand-specific circuit board repair, check if the original manufacturer maintains a list of authorized service centers.


Apple has a global repair locator to find their nearest Apple Authorized Service Providers. These workshops can repair Apple circuit boards for iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and more.


Search for SamsungAuthorized Service Centers by zip code for circuit board repairs on Galaxy and other Samsung devices.


Locate Sony Authorized Service Centers that can fix PlayStation, TV, audio, and other electronic circuitry made by Sony.


Dell maintains a Service Center Locator to find shops approved to repair Dell laptop, desktop, and other component circuit boards.

Consider Repair Specialists for Certain Devices

For less common electronics and appliances, search for specialty repair shops dedicated to that type of product.

Camera Repair

A camera specialty shop is best suited to diagnose and solder intricate circuit board repairs for digital cameras and camcorders.

Vacuum Repair

For circuit board malfunctions in high-end vacuums like Dyson, look for vacuum cleaner specialty repair technicians.

Automotive Electronics Repair

Shops specializing in car stereo installation and automotive electronics repair can mend circuit boards in vehicle entertainment systems.

Mail-In Circuit Board Repair Service

If no local shops can handle your circuit board issue, consider a national mail-in repair service. They provide free shipping labels for sending your device to their technicians who will diagnose and repair the issue before shipping it back.

  • UBreakiFix Mail-In Service – Covers phones, tablets, computers, game consoles, and more. Visit ubreakifix.com/mail-in for information.
  • CPR Cell Phone Repair – Specializes in phones and tablets but can repair other small electronics. Learn more at cellphonerepair.com/mail-in-repair.
  • My Device Hospital – Fixes circuit board issues on phones, laptops, TVs, gaming systems, and small household appliances. Get details at mydevicehospital.com.

Questions to Ask Circuit Board Repair Shops

To choose the best option for your repair need, ask targeted questions either by phone, email, or in person.

  • Do you have experience with the specific device and issue I need fixed?
  • Will you provide a diagnostic quote or free estimate before starting repair work?
  • How long will the repair take to complete? Is there a warranty on your work?
  • What payment methods do you accept? Do you offer financing options?
  • Do you sell replacement parts and devices if the circuit board can’t be fixed?

Finding professional circuit board repair you can trust will get your electronics up and running again quickly. Use the resources in this guide to locate reliable service centers nearby or reputable national mail-in options. With their skills and quality soldering work, you’ll be able to enjoy a repaired device that functions like new.

Frequently Asked Questions About Circuit Board Repair Services

1. Why choose a professional repair shop over DIY?

Professionals have the expertise, technical skills, tools, and experience to properly diagnose problems and implement circuit board repairs. DIY attempts often fail or cause further damage. Shops also provide warranties.

2. How much does circuit board repair cost on average?

Costs range widely based on the device, damage level, and shop rates but average $50-$300. Diagnostic fees may apply too. Get quotes before authorizing work.

3. How long does the repair process take?

Simple soldering repairs may be completed in 1-2 days. Extensive troubleshooting and testing could extend the process to 4-6 business days or longer. Ask shops for time estimates.

4. Can component-level board repair be done?

Yes, technicians can mend individual cracked solder joints, burnt resistors, faulty capacitors, and other component issues as an alternative to full board replacement.

5. How can I prevent circuit board damage?

Keep devices away from moisture and extreme temps. Install surge protectors. Don’t overload outlets. Handle gently and store in protective cases. Update firmware and settings.

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