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Winbond (Winbond) W77 & W78 & W79 full series of chip decryption microcontroller IC decryption

Winbond (Winbond) W77 & W78 & W79 full series of chip decryption microcontroller IC decryption

Shenzhen RayMing Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in chip decryption, IC decryption, microcontroller decryption, DSP decryption, CPLD decryption, chip model identification and microcontroller program design, chip program burning and circuit board copy board PCB copy board, circuit board supporting the supply of original components, circuit board design, circuit board processing debugging services, such as full range of products and a full range of one-stop service of high-tech enterprises.

Shenzhen RayMing Electronics Co., Ltd. provides professional Winbond (Winbond) W77 & W78 & W79 series chip decryption IC decryption.

Winbond (Winbond) W77 series chip decryption

w77e058a w77e532a w77e516a w77l058a w77l516a w77l532a

W77L032A W77C032A

Winbond W78 Series Chip Decryption

w78e052d w78e054d w78e058d w78e516d w78erd2a w78e858a

w78c032 w78c438 n78e055a n78e059a n78e517a n78e366a

n78ird2a w78c032c w78c051d w78c052d w78c054a w78c438c

w78e052d w78e054d w78e052d w78e051d w78e365a w78erd2a

w78i054d w78i052d w78i051d w78i516d w78i058d w78ird2a

w78l365a w78l812a

Winbond W79 Series Chip Decryption

n79e352r n79e201a w79e632a w79e633a w79e658a w78e659a

w79l632a w79l633a w79l658a w79l659a n79e815 n79e814

n79e813 n79e8132 n79e825 n79e824 n79e823 n79e822

w79e4051 w79e2051 n79e342 n79e875 n79e235 n79e234

Founded in September 1987 and officially listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 1995, WaPont Electronics has become the largest proprietary IC company in Taiwan, China, with subsidiaries and offices in China, Hong Kong, the United States, Japan and Israel. Today, Winbond is positioned as a professional memory IC company, with its main businesses including product design, technology development, wafer manufacturing, marketing and after-sales service, and is committed to providing customers with special specification memory solutions using advanced semiconductor design and production technologies. Huabang (Winbond) launched the 51-core microcontroller once occupied a large market in China, and now many electronic products can still be seen on the Huabang (Winbond) microcontroller figure, Shenzhen RayMing Electronics Co., Ltd. has long studied the Huabang (Winbond) N77 & N78 & N79 series of chip decryption IC decryption program, can help customers to To solve many of the maintenance needs of the circuit board has been discontinued, RayMing electronic Winbond (Winbond) chip decryption program success rate is basically 100%.

Shenzhen RayMing Electronics Co., Ltd. has a large number of decryption technology, highly skilled team of engineers, and is equipped with high-tech chip decryption equipment, IC decryption, microcontroller decryption, chip decryption technology research in the field of fruitful scientific research, with dozens of exclusive decryption technology and more than one hundred kinds of industry-leading characteristics of the chip decryption program at home and abroad in the field of reverse technology research to establish the authority of the industry’s leading position. In the field of reverse technology research at home and abroad, we have established the authoritative position as the industry leader.

RayMing Electronics’ advantages in chip decryption IC decryption:

  1. RayMing Electronics has a complete chip decryption technology of various manufacturers, their own laboratory to complete the FIB so that the time is fast, good quality, for individual time requirements can be completed on the day of special. 2.
  2. RayMing Electronics has long been doing a lot of mainstream chips, industrial applications, foreign chips, automotive chip chip decryption, for some of the products have a soft encryption processing capabilities are very strong. 3.
  3. RayMing Electronics provides program burning technology and burning equipment support, so that customers have no worries about chip decryption.
  4. RayMing Electronics can disassemble the program for decryption of various types of chips.
  5. RayMing Electronics keeps customer information and product information absolutely confidential.

RayMing electronic reverse engineering can provide chip decryption circuit board copy board services, because 10 years of focus so the industry’s most professional, there are difficulties to find RayMing.

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