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Devoting to reverse engineering research, Rayming has achieved success in a series of major projects. So far, our products cloned and developed further successfully have covered communication equipment, consumer electronics, computer industry product, radio & TV equipment, electronic measuring instruments, radar devices, dedicated equipments for electronic industry, electronic application product and so on. Hence, we have accumulated full set of technology material and rich experience in cloning and developing of thousands of electronic information products, have large product information resource.

Radar devices

Radar devices

1、Command automation system: Code C3I, C3ISR, AHYII-1

2、Radar & Corollary equipments

(1) Ground-based and vehicular radar: vehicular radar velocimeter, reversing anti-collusion radar, vehicular navigation radar, automatic testing system of military vehicular radar…

(2) Airborne radar, spaceborne radar, missile-borne radar: airborne early warning radar, airborne fire-control radar, interception radar, bombing radar, ground mapping radar, navigation radar…

(3) Shipborne radar: warning radar, marine radar, torpedo attack radar, shipborne tracking radar…

Communiction equipments

Communicational transmission equipment

1、Communication transmitter

(1) Short-wave transmitter, single side-band transmitter (2) Long-wave transmitter, ultralong-wave transmitter (3) Short-wave auto-adaptive transmitter (4) Other transmitter

2、Communication receiver

(1) Short-wave receiver, single side-band receiver (2) Long-wave receiver, ultralong-wave receiver (3) Digital receiver

3、Microwave communication equipment

(1) Microwave transceiver communication machine (2) Microwave terminal (3) microwave antenna and feeder (4) Other microwave equipment

4、Satellite application products

(1) The satellite communication earth station antenna   (2) Low noise amplifier for the satellite communication earth station   (3) Transducer for satellite communication earth station   (4) High-power amplifier satellite communication earth station   (5) satellite communication earth station terminal   (6) Satellite remote sensing receiving equipment   (7) Satellite navigation & positioning receiving equipment   (8) Meteorological satellite receiving equipment   (9) Other satellite earth station and antenna

5、Scatter communication equipment

1)Scatter communication terminal(2)Scattering channel machine(3)Scatter communication antenna

6、Communication navigation orientation device

(1)Aircraft communication navigation orientation device(2)Navigational communication navigation orientation device(3)Ground communications navigation orientation device(4)Other communication navigation orientation device

7、Carrier communication equipment

(1)Carrier terminal(2)Carrier repeator(3)Power-line carrier

8、Optical communication equipment

(1)Optical cable terminal(2)Cable trunking equipment(3)Optical fibre amplifier(4) WDM wavelength division multiplexer(5)Cross connect equipment(6)Other equipments

Communication switching equipment

1、Switchboard (1) SPC switchboard (not include mobile SPC switchboard) 1. Office machine 2. Subscriber’s machine 3. Asynchronous ATM and IP switchboard 4. Others (2) Telegraph switchboard (3) Other switchboard 2、User access device (1) Wireless access device (2) Cable access device (3) Optical fiber access device (4) Terminal access device

Communication terminal equipment

1、Medium & small size transceiver (1) Short-wave transceiver (2) Ultrashort wave transceiver (3) (Shortwave FH transceiver) (4) Ultrashort wave FH transceiver (5) Shortwave single side-band transceiver (6) Others 2、Telephone (1) Ordinary telephone (2) Telegraphone (3) Vedio phone (4) Cordless telephone (5) Phone card (6) Coin-box telephone (7) special service telephone(including confidential telephone,underground telephone ) (8) Others

Data communication equipment

(1) Fax machine (2) data set(including mechanical typewriter, electronic typewriter) (3) Digital packet switches and PAD (4) Others

Communicational electronic
countermeasure equipments

(1)Communicational reconnaissance equipment (2)Communicational diretion finding equipment (3)Communication jamming device(4)Communication security equipment

Communication navigational vehicle and auxiliary products

(1) Wireless communicational car(2)Wired communicational car(3)Communicational confrontation car(4) Once power supply device(5)Secondary power supply device (6)Network management device, biling device, monitoring device(7)Communication oil machine(8)Microwave auxiliary equipments(9)Telephone auxiliary equipments(10) Carrier auxiliary equipments(11) Wiring devices

Mobile communication equipments

1、Phone and mobile communication system equipments 

(1)Base station devices(2)base station antenna(3)Repeater station devices(4)Switching devices(5)Switch base station devices(6)Others 2、Wireless paging system 

(1)Paging base station devices(2)Others

Mobile communication terminal equipments

1、Handset mobile communication terminal 

(1)mobilephone(2)CDMA mobilephone 2、Other mobile communication terminal 

(1)Car phone(2)Interphone(3)Wireless pager (4)PHS

Communication equipment repair other communication equipment

1、Other communicational auxiliary equipments 

(1)Communicational modem(2)Communicational wiring devices

Broadcast & TV equipments

Broadcast & TV production equipments, transmitting equipments

1、Command automation system: Code C3I, C3ISR, AHYII-1

2、Radar & Corollary equipments

(1) Ground-based and vehicular radar: vehicular radar velocimeter, reversing anti-collusion radar, vehicular navigation radar, automatic testing system of military vehicular radar…

(2) Airborne radar, spaceborne radar, missile-borne radar: airborne early warning radar, airborne fire-control radar, interception radar, bombing radar, ground mapping radar, navigation radar…

(3) Shipborne radar: warning radar, marine radar, torpedo attack radar, shipborne tracking radar…

Broadcast & TV receiving equipment

1、Broadcast & TV receiving equipment 

(1)Special projection TV set(2)Video monitoring machine(3)Broadcast receiving equipment (4)Broadcast receiving equipment for motor vehicle (5)Satellite broadcast TV receiving equipment(6)Satellite broadcast TV receiving antenna(7)Satellite broadcast TV receiving high-frequent tuner(8) Satellite broadcast TV receiving receiver(9)User terminal equipment(10)Wired TV distributing system equipment (11)Wired TV ancilary equipment 2、Special recording, video & playback equipment 

(1)VF power amplifying equipment(2)Turntable(3)Special electric gramophone(4)Speech language laboratory equipment 3、Video and playback equipment 

(1)TV CD playback equipment(2)Tape recorder(3)Video/audio encoder 4、The broadcast TV receiving equipment parts and accessories 

(1)Audio amplifier(2)Sound pick-up(3)Magnetic head (4)Sound conducting qpparatus(5)Microphone(6)Headphone(7)Speakeer(8)Other accessories (9)Special antenna(10)Antenna generator(11)Antenna rotor (12)Mixer(13)distributor(14)Splitter(15)User box

Applied TV equipment & other broadcast TV equipment

1、Applied TV equipment 

(1)Universal applied TV equipment(2)Applied TV monitoring equipment for special environment(3)Special functional applied TV equipment(4)Special function application TV equipment 2、Other broadcast TV equipment 

(1)Stereoscopic TV equipment(2)Multi-station broadcast equipment(3)Large screen color display system(4)Electric display screen(5)Touch screen

Computer industry products

Electronic computer complete appliance

1、Large and medium-sized computer workstation 

(1) Large and medium-sized computer(2)Minicomputer (3) Work station 2、 Microcomputer equipment 

(1) Desktop microcomputer 1、Commercial microcomputer 2、Home microcomputer (2)Server (3)Industrial controlling computer (4)Portable microcomputer 1、Notebook 2、Palmtop computer (5)Learning machine (6)Portable information terminal 1、Personal digital assistant(PDA) 2、Electronic quick translator 3、Electronic diary 4、Electronic dictionary

Computer network equipment industry

1、Network controlling equipment 

(1)Communication control processor(2)Concentrator(3)Terminal controller 2、Network interface and adapters 

(1)Network transceiver(2)Network repeater(3)Network distributor(4)Ethernet switch 3、Network connection equipment 

(1)Concentrator(2)Modem(3)IP phone (4)Router (5)Firewall 4、Network testing equipment 

(1)Protocol analyzer(2)Protocol testing equipment(3)Error detection equipment

Peripheral equipments of electronic computer

1、Terminal display equipment 

(1)Character & Chinese character terminal (2)Graphics terminal (3)Displayer 1、Monochrome display 2、Color display(CRT) 3、 Flat-panel display 2、Input devices 

(1)Graphic plotter(2)Digitalizer(3)Scanner (4)Mouse(5)Keyboard(6)IC card reader (7)Digital camera(8)Magnetic card reader (9) Digital PC camera 3、Output devices 

(1)Printing devices 1、Needle printer 

(1)Universal needle printer(2)Receipt printer(3)Line printer 2、Laser printer 3、Inkjet printer 4、Multi-function printer (2)Audio output devices (3)Graphics output devices 4、External storage devices 

(1) Floppy driver 1、Ordinary floppy driver 2、 High-capacity floppy driver (2) Hard-disk driver 1、 Hard-disk driver 2、Disk array 3、Mobile hard disk 4、Micro Mobile hard disk (3) CD-ROM driver 1、(CD-ROM) 2、DVD-ROM) 3、(DVD-RW) 4、MO driver 5、PD driver 6、Other CD-ROM driver (4)Tape driver

Ancilary products and consumptive material of electronic computer

1、Microcomputer card 

(1)Host card of Microcomputer (2)Memory bank (3)Sound card (4)Display card (5)Network card (6)Other functional cards and interface cards 2、Power supply 

(1)Switching power supply (2)UPS power supply 3、Other ancilary products and consumptive materials 

(1)Computer case(2)Floppy disk slice(3)CD(4)Printing head (5)Ink box(6) Magcard (7) IC card (8)Colour bar(9)Toner cartridges

Electronic computer applied products

1、 Electronic publishing system 

(1) Precision phototypesetting system (2)Light printing system2、Electronic applied products for finance,commercial, tax administration 

(1)Cash-counting machine(2)Sorting machine(3)Complex point machine (4)ATM (5) Bank self-service terminal (6)POS machines (7)The tanker Fiscal meter (8)Tax-control taximeter(9)Other financial applied products 3、 Other applied products 

(1) Automobile computer stop announcer(2) Car video equipment (3)Message accounting device(4)Other computer applied products

Consumer electronics

TV sets


(1) Color TV set 1、37CM 2、44CM 3、47CM 4、49CM 5、51CM 6、53CM 7、56CM 8、64CM 9、74CM 10、74CM以上 (2) Project TV receiver 1、Rear projection TV set 2、 Front projection TV (3) PDP TV set (4)Black and white TV set 1、11CM 2、14CM 3、31CM 4、35CM 5、44CM 6、44CM以上 (5)LCD TV set

DV,VCR and DVD machine

1、Video recorder 

(1) Videocorder(2)Videoplayer(3) Household camcorder 2、Recording & playing machine, digital laser audio & video player 

(1)Vest-pocket machine (2)Recording & playing machine(3)Language repeater(4)VCD DVD player (5)VCD disc recorder (6)DVD audio machine(7)DVD player(8)DVD recorder (9)CD burner(10)Rewritable CD burner

Household audio electronic equipments

1、Household audio equipment 

(1) Radio 1、Vest-pocket receiver 2、Others (2)Music center (3)MP3, MP4 player (4)CD player (5)Power amplifier 2、Main accessories of consumer electronics 

(1)Tuner 1、Electronic tuner 2、Mechanical tuner (2)Line output transformer (3) Deflecting coil (4) Recording and video movement 1、 Recorder movement 2、 VCR movement 3、CD movement 4、VCD, DVD movement (5) Magnetic head 1、 Magnetic recording head 2、Magnetic video head 3、 Hard driver head 4、 Floppy driver head 5、Magnetic tape head 6、Ohters (6)Optical pickup 1、Sound reproduction optical pickup 2、Video reproduction optical pickup 3、optical pickup 4、 Recording optical pickup 5、 Others (7)Antenna 1、 Telescopic antenna 2、 Indoor antenna 3、Others (8) Tape 1、 Recording tape 2、 Vido tape (9) Audio-visual piece 1、(CD)2、(VCD)3、(DVD) 4、Others (10)Recording & video magnetic drum (11)Switching power for VCD & DVD (12)TV receiver set-top box 1、Wired TV set-top box 2、Ground broadcast set-top box 3、Satellite broadcast set-top box

Electronic measuring instruments

Electronic measuring instruments

1、Frequency measuring instruments 

(1)Digital pulse frequency measuring instrument(2)Analog frequency measuring instrument(3)Counter (4)Counter spread spectrum device (5)Time measuring instrument (6)Special counter(7)Frequency standard(8)Calibration frequency phase meter 2、Voltage measuring instrument 

(1) DC digital voltmeter Digital high-frequency voltmeter(2) Digital multimeter(3) Standard devices of voltage & power supply (4)Analog voltmeter (5)Digital panel meter(6)Others 3、 Oscillometer 

(1)Digital readout & digital storage oscillometer(2)Universal oscillometer(3)Sampling, storage & memory oscillometer(4)Other oscillometer logic analyzer(5)Special oscillometer(6)Oscillometer calibrator 4、Device parameter measuring instruments 

(1)Digital IC tester(2)Hybrid IC tester(3) Photoelectric device tester(4) Power electronic device tester(5)Semiconductor device tracer(6) Others 5、Component parameter measuring instruments 

(1)Automatic component analyzer (2)LCR digital bridge (3)Portable LCR digital bridge(4)Capacitance measuring meter(5)Inductance measuring meter 6、Scanner & spectrum waveform analyzer 

(1)Sweep generator(2)Spectrum analyzer (3)Distortion meter (4)Frequency modulation meter (5)Phase shifter(6)Other 7、Microwave measuring instruments 

(1) Network characteristics tester & network analysis(2) Radar integrated tester(3) Microwave power amplifier(4)Microwave leakage tester (5)Other microwave instruments (6) Parts of microwave measuring instruments 8、 Communication measuring instruments 

(1) Carrier communication measuring meter(2)PDH/SDH transmission analyzer(3) Mobile station for analog digital mobile communication base station 9、 Broadcast & TV measuring instruments 

(1) Signal generator(2) Signal analyzer(3) Signal detection instrument 10、 Ultra-low frequency measuring instruments 

(1) Ultra-low frequency signal analyzer(2) Frequency response analyzer(3)Ultra-low frequency signal source(4) Voltmeter(5) Filter, amplifier (6) Phase meter (7)Others 11、 Acoustic measurement instrument 

(1) Power supply & acoustic shock signal generator (2) Sound level meter(3) Octave filter(4) Electro-acoustic generator (5)Vibration artery strike measuring instruments (6)Sound vibration calibration device (7)The sonic booms Miriam whole (8) Other acoustic instruments 12、 Interference field strength measuring instrument 

(1) (2) Test receiver(3) Other measuring instruments 13、 Regulated power supply

(1) DC regulated power supply(2) AC regulated power supply (3) Steady flow regulated power supply(4) (5) Klystron power supply(6) Pulsed power supply(7) Inverter power supply(8) Laser power supply(9) emergency power supply(10) Other power supply 14、 Recorder & Displayer 

(1) Recorder(2) Displayer 15、 Signal source 

(1) Low-frequency signal generator(2)High-frequency signal generator (3) Ultra-high frequency signal generator(4) Microwave signal generator(5) Power signal generator(6) Sweep signal generator(7) Frequency synthesizer & synthetic generator(8) Power amplifier (9) Digital signal generator(10)Others 106、 Power meter 

(1) Small power meter (2) Medium power meter(3) High power meter(4) Pulse power meter(5) Laser power meter

Dedicated equipments for electronic industry

Special equipments for electronic industry

1、 Special equipments for semiconductor components and IC 

(1) Semiconductor material manufacturing, epitaxy & chemical mechanical polishing(2)Exposure, etching & developing equipment (3)Diffusion equipment, Ion implantation equipment & Rapid thermal processing equipment(4)Chemical, physical meteorology deposition and plating equipment (5) Assembly & packaging producing equipment(6) Online process testing equipment(7) Semi-finished and finished product testing equipment (8)Others 2、 Special equipments for electric vaccum devices 

(1) Vacuum tube producing equipment(2)Electric light source producing equipment (3) LCD device producing equipment (4) Vaccum switching tube producing equipment (5) Teletron & electronic gun producing equipment(6)Others 3、Special equipment for electronic components 

(1)Resistance & potentioment producing equipment (2) Capacitor producing equipment(3)Ceramic component producing equipment(4)Magnetic material & components producing equipment(5) Printed circuit board producing equipment(6) Cable production equipment (7) Sensitive components & sensor producing equipment(8) Frequency components producing equipment(9) Green battery producing equipment (10)Others 4、 Electronic complete appliance assembly equipment 

(1) Automatic inserting machine(2) Automatic placement machine(3) Assembling line(4)Wave soldering & reflow soldering equipment (5) SMT printing equipment (6)Others 6、 Universal electronic equipments 

(1) Vacuum equipment(2) Ultrasonic equipment (3) Precision welding equipment(4) Drying equipment(5)aircondition equipment(6) Plastic processing equipment(7)Electric processing equipment (8) Pressure processing equipment(9)Precision electronic screen printing equipment (10) Anti-static products(11) Cleaning equipment(12)Others 1、 Moulds and Gears for electronic industry 

(1) Mould (2) Mould base(3) Standard parts for mould(4)Pneumatic tool(5)Electric tool (6)Welding tool

Electronic application products

Household electrical and electronic

(1) Electronic organ(2) Electronic game machien(3) Microwave oven(4)Microwave cooker (5)Others

Medical electronic equipment and apparatus

1、Medical electronic instrument & equipment 

(1)Heart, brain, muscle, eye (2)ECG, physiological oscilloscope and recording instruments (3) Monitoring instrument (4) ECG telemetry instrument(5) Treatment & first-aid device(6) Blood measuring apparatus(7) (8)Electron temperature & pressure measuring device 2、 Medical ultrasonic instruments 

(1) Ultrasonic diagnostic equipment(2) Ultrasonic therapy instrument (3) Ultrasonic transducer 3、 Medical laser instruments&equipments 

(1) Laser diagnostic instrument(2)Laser therapy instrument (3) Laser detecting instrument 4、 Medical biochemical analyzer 

(1) Separation and preparation instrument (2)Biochemical analyzer 5、 Medical instruments of high frequency, microwave, X-ray and radionuclide 

(1) Medical high-frequency equipment (2) Medical microwave diagnosis &treatment instrument(3) Medical X-ray diagnosis&treatment instrument (4) Medical radionuclide diagnosis&treatment equipment 6、 Chinese medical instruments 

(1) Diagnostic instrument(2) Various instruments of electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, phototherapy & acupuncture 7、 Othe medical electronic instruments 

(1) Medical optical instrument(2) Extracorporeal circulation apparatus (3)0thers