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1.PCB clone service

With the newest EDA design software, professional technicians of copy board and advanced processing technology, we can clone single-sided, double-side, multilayer PCB board as well as high-difficult PCB board like blind & buried vias board. We can successfully clone the product according to the prototype supplied by customer at a time and guarantee 100% identical with original PCB board. 

2.PCB design service

Our PCB design services include PCB layout, circuit board design, schematic diagram design, high-speed PCB design, high density & high frequency PCB design, EMC design, changing PCB and IBIS model signal simulation. Besides, we also provide customer with assistance in unpopular components’ procurement, substitution of compatible functional components, signal source design, testing jig and other services.  

3.Chip decryption service

IC decryption technology research center of RayMing Computer is China’s most powerful and influential reverse research institute for IC & software analysis, having internationally advanced technology analysis equipment, specialized algorithm analysis software and skilled R & D team, accumulating rich R & D experience and many classical cases in IC decryption field. 

4.SMT processing service

The product’s quality can be guaranteed in that we own a group of sophisticated technicians and line operators(based on IPC-A-610CCLASSⅡand company standard). The product’s qualified rate is greater than 99%. With contantly upgrade of electronic products, in order to meet the needs, we also introduce advanced welding equipment from home and abroad.  

5.Major engineering projects
Devoting to reverse engineering development, RayMing has accumulated large numbers of successfully classical projects, such as large computer flat knitting machine, medical CT machine, ship controlling engineering and semiconductor testing & manufacturing facility. Due to these successful major engineering projects, RayMing becomes the leader of reverse research field, providing system-level solutions and all-around technical support for the development of China’s electronic information industry and modernization. Especially, the arising of Metro reverse engineering and our success in subway system, communication system, power supply system, secure door system,