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PCB Copy & IC Crack

IC Unlock + PCB Reverse engineering Services - We will crack your IC sample. You will receive IC program in Bin / Hex file for burning any new ICs

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Full PCB Copy Services

PCB to schematic, Schematic to Gerber file, PCBA to Schematic Gerber & Bom List

PCB Copy

We focus on a strategy of continuous customer-centric innovation. The goal is to deliver timely solutions for anticipated and actual customer.

IC Crack

We offer our customers from around the world to maintain a very good communication and product support services.

PCB Reverse Engineering

We will reverse engineer your PCB sample, and deilver the engineering file into:1. PCB 2. Gerber File 3. BOM List 4. Schematic Diagram


Professional Technical Team

16 years deep in the reverse analysis of integrated circuit technology, senior technical team, skilled, experienced in a variety of blind buried hole PCB , laser blind hole board, UHF board, ceramic board , component density, all over the microstrip lines and other long lines, high-frequency processing requirements and strict control of electromagnetic compatibility of the communication board copy

Usefull Feature

Features we Provide

PCB copying
PCB Clone, also called pcb duplication, is the process of creating a copy of the original PCB using reversely researching method in electronic industry
Chip Decryption
IC decryption and chip decryption, including MCU single chip decryption, ARM chip decryption, CPLD chip decryption, FPGA chip decryption
PCB Repair
PCB repair services including component rework, solder mask repair, de-solder and relayout of boards, fitting switches and sockets, fitting battery replacements
Dongle Duplication
Offer Complete dongle emulator backup (100% software emulation) and duplicate dongle services.
PCB Layout Design
Our PCB layout services include stack-up design, constraint setting, component placement, routing and Gerber generation
PCB Prototyping
Speed up the design process for any product or device before it is mass-produced and/or sold on the market, in order to ensure that all engineering specifications are met

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