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Intelligent traffic signal control machine circuit board copy and imitation clone

Jun 21, 2023 Projects
Intelligent traffic signal control

The intelligent traffic signal controller can realize parameter setting on site and in the control center through special tools. The parameter setting interface in the field is Chinese menu operation. The switches, keys and indicators on the operation panel of the signal machine or in the vicinity of the signal machine use clear and standardized text, graphics and symbols to indicate their functional roles. In the parameter setting, the operation panel can display the working mode, working status and signal control parameters of the signal machine, and it can prompt and guide the input items and contents of various control parameters.

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The main advantages are briefly described as follows:   

Intelligent traffic signal control
Intelligent traffic signal control

The main advantages are briefly described as follows:   
● Highly integrated The main control unit, detection unit and signal output unit are all integrated in one unit, and each unit realizes modular structure  
The functions are clear at a glance on the panel, and the functions can be operated with one key, and the structure is simple and clear.   
Reliable and practical The same function is achieved with as few components and boards as possible, reducing the failure rate   
Easy to maintain Each function module is independent and each card slot has a unique physical shape, so even non-professionals can perform maintenance   
● WYSIWYG color 7.5″ LCD menu setting in which the panel analog indication corresponds to the actual situation of the intersection, easy to learn and use.   
● BRT function Industry-leading BRT function with successful cases   
● Perfect service four times a year maintenance tour, free partial spare parts, pre-sales early training and after-sales technical guidance, training throughout   
Simple operation panel Adjustment of each function and common functions can be operated without reading complicated manuals.   
● Simple wiring method according to the southeast-northwest area division in line with the site construction habits.   
● Super protection function leakage protection, lightning protection, output short-circuit protection, high-current impact protection.

Functional features

” Embedded central control system, work more stable and reliable
” All-weather outdoor chassis, equipped with lightning protection and power filtering device
” The whole machine adopts modular design, easy to maintain and expand the function.
” 44-way, 16 groups of lights independent control output, typical working current 10A
” Expandable RS-232, RS-485 interface to communicate with the host computer
” Can be adjusted, checked and set online
” There are 2×99 working periods for working on normal days and holidays respectively.
” There are 32 working menus, which can be called multiple times in any time period.
” Each programmable menu can be programmed in 99 steps, and each step is timed from 1 to 255 seconds.
” The flashing state of each signal light can be set, flashing frequency and flashing time can be adjusted.
” Night yellow flashing time can be set arbitrarily, adjustable frequency.
” can enter the emergency yellow flashing state setting at any time.
” Manual control can be achieved under the random and specified menu single-step operation.

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