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Seoul, Korea International Semiconductor Equipment, PCB Copy Engineering Materials Exhibition

 Seoul, Korea International Semiconductor Equipment, PCB Copy Engineering Materials Exhibition
1. Show time: February 8, 2017 -10 days
2. Exhibition Hall: Korea International Convention and Exhibition Center
3. Exhibition scale: 20000-50000
4. Holding period: one year
Korea Semiconductor Industry and PCB Copy Engineering Technology Exhibition will be held February 20-17, 2010 in Seoul, Korea COEX International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition is organized by the International Semiconductor Equipment and PCB Copy Engineering Materials Association, has become South Korea's largest semiconductor industry equipment exhibition. Exhibition will also be held over the same period, the Korean Solar Materials Exhibition and LED show.
The exhibition has become an important influential Asian semiconductor industry exhibition event. Will focus on the future trend of the semiconductor industry and PCB Copy Engineering technology applications and innovation, is an important national semiconductor technology exchange platform, but also into the Korean and Asian markets trading platform.
Market analysis
South Korea is the world's semiconductor production and design power in 2010, South Korea's semiconductor market share of the global 13.2%. South Korea in the semiconductor market, the micro-processing technology than the competitive company excellent product line diversification, can withstand the test of the market. The current LCD display panel to the mass production of large customers, and with the help of LED and other high-end products continue to expand the proportion of the global market firmly stand on the heel.


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