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STC15F104W microcontroller crack macrochip STC15F101W chip decryption

STC15F104W microcontroller crack macrochip STC15F101W chip decryption

HongJing STC15F104W series microcontroller is a new generation of 1T 8051 microcontroller with high speed, high reliability and ultra-low price etc. RayMing Technology has successfully obtained the STC15F104W microcontroller decryption program, and can provide customers with STC15F101W decryption, STC15F102W decryption, STC15F103W decryption and IAP15F105W chip decryption services. STC15F104W decryption and IAP15F105W chip decryption services.
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STC15F104W microcontroller decryption model: STC15F101W, STC15F102W, STC15F103W, STC15F104W, IAP15F105W.

Note: STC15F104W series and STC15F104E series are two different series, STC104W series adopts STC-Y5 ultra-high-speed CPU core, which is 20% faster than the speed of STC’s earlier 1T series microcontrollers (e.g., STC12/STC11/STC10 series) under the same clock frequency, while STC104E series uses the STC-Y3 CPU core and is not as fast as the STC15F104W series.

Main performance of macrochip STC15F104W series microcontroller:

  • High speed: 1 clock/machine cycle, enhanced 8051 core, 6 to 12 times faster than normal 8051
  • The speed is also 20% faster than STC’s earlier 1T series microcontrollers (such as STC12/11/10 series).
  • Wide voltage: 5.5~3.8V, 2.4~3.6V (STC15L204EA series)
  • Low-power design: low-speed mode, 􃂪􄰢 idle mode, 􁦹� power-down mode (can be woken up by external interrupt or internal power-down wake-up timer)
  • Internal high-precision R/C clock, ±1% temperature fluctuation (-40℃~+85℃), 5‰ temperature fluctuation at room temperature, can completely eliminate the need for expensive external crystal clock, internal clock from 5MHz~35MHz selectable.
  • Internal high reliable reset, ISP programmable 8-level reset threshold voltage can be selected, completely eliminating the need for external reset circuit.
  • Wake-up on power-down support resources: INT0/INT1 (rising edge/falling edge interrupt can be), INT2/INT3/INT4 (falling edge interrupt); T0/T2 pins; internal wake-up on power-down dedicated timer
  • Operating frequency: 5~35MHz, equivalent to ordinary 8051: 60~420MHz
  • 1K/2K/3K/4K/5K bytes on-chip Flash program memory, erase and write times of more than 100,000 times
  • 128 bytes of on-chip RAM data memory
  • On-chip EEPROM function, more than 100,000 times of erase and write.
  • ISP/IAP, programmable in system/programmable in application, no programmer/emulator required.
  • Two 16-bit reloadable timers T0/T2, and can realize clock output function.
  • Programmable clock output function (clock divider output for internal system clock or clock input from external pin):
    ① T0 in P3.5 output clock; ② T2 in P3.0 output clock; ③ internal master clock in P3.4/MCLKO external output clock (STC15 series 8-pin or above microcontroller master clock in P5.4/MCLKO external output clock)
  • Hardware Watchdog (WDT)
  • Serial function can be realized by [P3.0/INT4, P3.1] combined with timer
  • Advanced instruction set structure, compatible with the common 8051 instruction set, with hardware multiply/divide instructions
  • General-purpose I/O ports (8 ports), after reset: quasi-bidirectional port/weak pull-up (8051 traditional I/O port)
    Four modes can be set: quasi-bidirectional/weak pull-up, strong push-pull/strong pull-up, input only/high resistance, open-drain.
    Each I/O port can be driven up to 20mA, but the maximum of the whole chip should not exceed 90mA.

Reasons for choosing macrochip STC15F104W series microcontroller:

  • Internal high-precision R/C clock, ±1% temperature drift (-40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃), temperature drift at room temperature 5 ‰, completely eliminating the need for external clocks
  • Super anti-interference:
  1. High anti-static (ESD protection) machine easily over 20,000 volts of static electricity test
  2. Easily over 4kV fast pulse interference (EFT test)
  3. Wide voltage, not afraid of power jitter
  4. Wide temperature range, -40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃
  • Dramatically reduce EMI, internal configurable clock, 1 clock / machine cycle, available low frequency clock
  • Ultra-low power consumption:
  1. Power-down mode: external interrupt wake-up power consumption <0.1uA
  2. Idle mode: Typical power consumption <1mA.
  3. Normal operation mode: 4mA -6mA
  4. Power-down mode can be woken up by external interrupt, suitable for battery-powered systems, such as water meters, gas meters, portable devices, etc.
  • Programmable in the system, no programmer, no emulator, can be upgraded remotely.
  • STC-ISP download programmer can be sent, 10,000 pieces/person/day
  • Internal integration of highly reliable reset circuit, external reset circuit can be completely eliminated, of course, you can continue to use external reset circuit.

Based on the above analysis of the characteristics of the STC15F104W series of microcontrollers, it is not difficult to know that the STC15F101W decryption, STC15F102W decryption, STC15F103W decryption, STC15F104W decryption and IAP15F105W decryption chip is more difficult. After repeated tests, Hualan Technology can complete STC15F101W, STC15F102W, STC15F103W, STC15F104W and IAP15F105W decryption in the shortest possible time and at the lowest price for STC15F101W, STC15F102W, STC15F103W, IAP15F105W and other STC15 series of microcontroller decryption.

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