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PCB Reverse Engineering

BOM list production of PCB Reverse

 In the BOM list production of PCB Reverse, the need to clearly mark the contents of the component name, component specifications, component location number, component material number, component material specifications, component shape and shape code and so on.
First, the demolition of the preparatory work
In the PCB demolition board of PCB Reverse, as will be intact the original board split into light board and components, so, in the demolition of the BOM list preparation work is very important. Preparation process is actually very simple, professional demolition board personnel generally in the copy board before preparing a piece of white paper and a pen, first write down the serial number on the paper and the location number of components, each component was removed after , Corresponding to its location number with double-sided adhesive or the like paste it on the white paper.
It should be noted that in the process of splitting the plate, the components of the number of arrangements need to be particularly careful, because a component location information errors may lead to the entire BOM list of inaccurate, affecting the cloning effect.
Second, the application of bridge tester
From the demolition of the hands of the staff to get the information recorded in the sequence list of components, the formal entry into the BOM single production process, that is, through testing and analysis, all the components of the relevant parameters summarized in the form of information forms of the process. Here, we need to introduce a professional testing equipment - bridge tester. This tester is mainly for a variety of components of the impedance analysis, technical specifications of a measuring instrument, which uses the comparative method to measure the components of resistance, capacitance, inductance and so on. Different bridge test equipment with different test results and accuracy. In general, the bridge tester has measurement accuracy, measurement range, measurement speed and other reference standards. High measurement accuracy, a wide range of measurement frequency, the measurement speed of the tester not only to ensure a higher accuracy, but also improve the measurement of strength and efficiency. At present, the advanced enterprise application is the impedance measurement range of the broadest automatic balance bridge technology, measurement accuracy of 0.05%, up to 30 times per second measurement speed, measurable 22 kinds of impedance parameter combination, and with 10 points list scan test Features. Professional equipment, perfect function, coupled with professional staff, sufficient to ensure the accuracy of measurement data.
Third, the BOM list of PCB Reverse to determine the accuracy of standards
Will be a variety of test data and components of the model, parameters, specifications, and so combined after the table has become a BOM list of the accuracy of this list is a judge can not be ignored part of the criteria to determine the BOM list The accuracy of the guarantee is not the same. The accuracy of the BOM inventory is relatively strict. The accuracy of the BOM list is usually determined by the single-layer structure as a unit. If there is a discrepancy, the accuracy of the BOM is judged to be zero. In this way, to the maximum extent to ensure the accuracy of BOM single, does not allow subtle errors exist.
Fourth, BOM single production efficiency on the follow-up production
BOM list is the main basis for procurement of components, the product is the basis for subsequent production of materials, therefore, its production efficiency of the follow-up process will have an important impact. BOM production of low efficiency, not only will delay the procurement of materials, but also in the production and design of the plan left a lot of gaps in the time-consuming and manpower, but also the cost of increasing. Professional production services, not only standardized, complete information, and high efficiency, accuracy, according to it, you can quickly determine the procurement and production planning, cost estimates and pricing estimates, the design process can be serialized, standardized, so that For customers save a lot of manpower and cost, speed up the product mass production process, and promote the economic efficiency.
In the PCB copy board cloning, BOM list production is a key link, this link involves the follow-up procurement of components, related to the PCB board of various functional modules, but also to the final PCB cloning board welding and debugging. Because this list includes the original PCB board all the components of the relevant parameters and specifications, is the copy board and an important part of the design.


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