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PCB Reverse Engineering

Performance Comparison of PCB Reverse Substrate Material

PCB Reverse composite CCL mainly refers to the insulating substrate surface layer and the core layer using two kinds of reinforced materials composed of CCL. CEM-1 and CEM-3 are the most common among composite copper-clad varieties. PCB Reverse composite copper cladding between mechanical and manufacturing costs between the awake - paper-based CCL, epoxy - fiberglass covered copper between the two. It can punch processing, but also for mechanical drilling processing.
PCB Reverse Epoxy - Fiberglass Cloth CCL The most typical variety is FR-4 (flame retardant), G-10 (non-flame retardant). In addition, FR-5 (flame retardant), G-1 1 (non-flame retardant) is better than FR-4 in heat resistance. The mechanical properties, dimensional stability, impact resistance and moisture resistance of epoxy-glass fiber cloth-based CCL are higher than those of awake-paper-based CCL. At the same time, its electrical performance is excellent, the working temperature is high, the performance itself is affected by the environment. In the processing, epoxy - fiberglass cloth CCL than other resins (such as PI, BT, CE, PTFE, PPE, etc.) of the glass fiber cloth CCL has a great advantage.
PCB Reverse paper-based CCL The most typical varieties are FR-1 (flame retardant), XPC (non-flame retardant), and slightly higher in electrical and mechanical properties than FR-1, XPC is FR -3 (flame retardant, epoxy - paper CCL). The overall performance characteristics of paper-based CCL are low cost, cheap, relatively small density, can be punching processing and so on. But its low operating temperature, heat resistance, moisture resistance, mechanical properties and epoxy - glass fiber cloth CCL compared to lower.
Some of the PCB Reverse CEM-3 products have been superior to the general FR-4 products in terms of resistance to tracking (CTI, board size accuracy, dimensional stability, etc.) CEM-1, CEM-3 instead of FR- 4 substrate manufacturing double-sided PCB Reverse, has been in Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries, the region has been widely popular.In recent years, the United States on PCB copy board experts in the manufacture of multi-layer board, the general use of glass fiber matrix substrate material, Especially the use of FR-4 type substrate material.But due to the pursuit of cost and manufacturing technology progress, the future production of multilayer board using composite base material will increase the number.


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