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28-layer high-density PCB copy board

28-layer high-density PCB copy board

In the domestic companies that have mastered the technology of board copying, especially RayMing Technology’s board copying technology is the most advanced, now on the market many circuit board copying is very “cottage”, only to do the shape of God is not similar, the function of the gap is very large. Shenzhen RayMing Technology has been focusing on PCB design research in recent years, and can carry out secondary development of the original PCB circuit wiring design deficiencies, and can change the design of some special features requested by the customer, mastered the chip decryption software attack, electronic detection attack, fault generation technology and probe technology and many other key technologies, and in the process of program disassembly in accordance with customer wishes In the process of program disassembly, we add the unique product functions accumulated by our company in long-term independent development, and our service is the leader in the industry with accuracy, speed, low error and unique upgrade performance.
  RayMing Technology is experienced in the market
  The field of copy board is also an industry that requires continuous accumulation of experience, if you are involved in an industry for the first time, it is inevitable that the technology is also constrained because of the limitations of the eyes. We are familiar with the needs of consumers in these fields and can make important product upgrades and work with customers to find the right market position for their products.
In addition, RayMing Technology’s services are also one-stop, providing users with the entire process from circuit board copy, production, placement, insertion, soldering, assembly, testing, repair, inspection, packaging to shipping services!

Copy board, also called cloning or imitation, is the reverse technology research of the designed PCB board; the current new definition: in a narrow sense, copy board only refers to the extraction of electronic product circuit board PCB file restoration and the process of using the file for circuit board cloning; in a broad sense, copy board includes not only the technical process of circuit board file extraction, circuit board cloning, circuit board imitation, and so on, but also includes the circuit board In a broader sense, it includes not only the technical process of circuit board file extraction, circuit board cloning, circuit board imitation, but also the modification of circuit board files (i.e. board modification), the extraction of three-dimensional data and model imitation of electronic product form molds (i.e. copy number), the imitation of various electronic components on the circuit board of electronic products, the decryption of encrypted chips or microcontrollers on the circuit board, the disassembly of system software of electronic products, and all the technical processes of electronic product cloning.
Microcontrollers (MCUs) generally have internal EEPROM / FLASH for users to store programs and work data. In order to prevent unauthorized access or copying of the MCU’s internal program, most MCUs come with an encryption lock locator or encrypted bytes to protect the internal program. If the encryption lock positioning is enabled (locked) during programming, the program inside the microcontroller cannot be read directly with a normal programmer, which is called microcontroller encryption or chip encryption. Microcontroller attackers with the help of special equipment or homemade equipment, the use of microcontroller chip design loopholes or software defects, through a variety of technical means, you can extract key information from the chip, access to the program within the microcontroller which is called chip decryption.

RayMing Technology, as an excellent enterprise in the domestic PCB industry, specializes in providing services such as IT software technology development and chip decryption technology, is a professional chip decryption service company, focusing on PCB design and PCB copy board, can provide a full set of good quality and price decryption services and perfect technical support to help enterprises improve their market competitiveness and join the IT development faster and more steadily. fast track.
RayMing Technology Company has first-class technical, production and service talents as well as international advanced production equipment to provide customers with professional, highly efficient and competitively priced various software technologies and PCB design, copy board, production and a series of comprehensive technology development and functional perfection. The software technology provided includes software development and Chineseization technology, software registration decryption and chip decryption technology, microcontroller software and DSP decryption technology, DOS software decryption and Chineseization technology, and can make reliable chip design, wafer foundry, chip imitation and foundry, CPLD decryption, PCB copy board and PCB board drawing design and OEM processing, return schematic and schematic design, and BOM sheet production according to customer requirements. We also provide BOM table production. The company can also provide customers with material procurement services, ODM, OEM and SMT services, as well as functional prototype production services, for enterprise customers to design the original prototype, the original prototype software program and hardware function of the secondary development of a full set of solutions.
RayMing Technology Company adopts IBM management methods to ensure high efficiency and quality services, pays high attention to the company’s technical development, and strives to provide customers with better quality designs, products and services at better prices. In terms of PCB copy, RayMing Technology can provide customers with 1 to 28 layers of high-density PCB copy, even if the customer company only provides a motherboard, it can achieve a one-time copy success, and the high accuracy of the PCB diagram can be confused with the original PCB, and the cost required for this excellent copy is very competitive in the market, helping customers to maximize savings in design costs and research and development time. In terms of IC decryption, with its advanced equipment, technology and talents, RayMing Technology can realize the additions and deletions of the original machine functions according to the customer’s requirements, and provide perfect, high-quality and satisfactory services for customers.
RayMing Technology Company has been specialized in PCB design, PCB copy board and PCB processing electronic products complete solutions for many years, and has been developing and growing, has a skilled and comprehensive variety of functional departments, including PCB technology department, IC decryption department, PCB production department, SMT production department, marketing department and technical support department, from development to promotion to sales, providing one-stop, RayMing Technology has a wide range of business areas, covering almost all electronic products in the field of electronics industry, electronic consumer, electronic commercial, electronic military, etc., and many successful cases for RayMing Technology in the PCB industry has achieved a good reputation. We welcome all customer companies to consult and cooperate with us, and experience the accurate, fast, inexpensive and high-quality services RayMing Technology is dedicated to providing for you!

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