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Chip decryption and PCB copy board has what kind of dependence?

Chip decryption and PCB copy board has what kind of dependence

If we mention the reverse research technology nowadays, I think there are two other terms that will surely appear in our mind they are the so-called PCB copy board and the so-called chip decryption. Why? Because at present, the more hot reverse research technology is these two.

  In fact, PCB copy board with the chip, the two are more like the relationship between the lips and teeth, think about it is, PCB copy board is like the chip’s habitat, without this habitat, the chip can only be wandering around, and can not play their own role. Chip is like a PCB copy board command, play a variety of commands, it can be said that if there is no chip this command, PCB copy board is also a piece of loose sand, play no role. In terms of the scope of application, it can be seen that the chip decryption is often used in PCB copy board, but PCB copy board is used in various aspects of electronic products, in fact, from the role of the command above we can see that the chip decryption will inevitably be used in the PCB copy board this piece.

  Chip decryption process with the PCB copy board process, I personally feel that the PCB copy board in the manufacturing process will be more complex, because whether it is the beginning of a clear record of the original PCB copy board of the specific components where the location of the original, or including in the back of the specific parameters to be clear to set up the model also, are required to do very seriously, if one of the links have a appear If there is a mistake in one of the links, then it may lead to all the results of the loss. It is for this reason that I feel that PCB copy boards are more complex than chip decryption in the production process.

  Sometimes the chip decryption is also very important, if your company everyone is waiting for the results of the chip decryption, without this result, all the efforts of all the people are in vain, it can be said that the chip decryption is essential.

  After we know the real understanding of the chip decryption and PCB copy board, we will know that the relationship between the two of them is actually indispensable, leaving each other’s two will not have much effect, and only in the case of the two work closely together, you can play the role of each other’s maximum. So when we look at them both, is not more important to who is the basis for judgment, for the two best judgment is interdependent, interdependent.

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