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Laptop motherboard PCB copy

Jun 22, 2023 Projects
Laptop motherboard

Our PCB copy board team has accumulated 17 years of technical experience in Shenzhen and has been involved in almost all electronic products PCB circuit boards, especially for a variety of high-precision special circuit boards and various multi-layer PCB copy board experience for many years, the understanding of complex PCB board structure and alignment rules containing laser holes, blind holes, buried holes more than others. Under the premise of the reverse R & D technology means to reverse analysis of the circuit board, the original product PCB files, bill of materials (BOM) files, schematic files and other technical documents and PCB screen printing production files for 1:1 restoration, and then use these technical documents and production files for PCB board, component welding, flying probe test, circuit board debugging, complete the original circuit board prototype board complete copy of the original circuit board prototype.

PCB Cloning
PCB Cloning

With the advanced scanning technology, the latest copy software and the most experienced senior technical team in China, we have been providing various single-layer, double-layer, multi-layer PCB board copy, various blind buried hole boards, laser blind hole boards, UHF boards, ceramic PCB copy boards, component density, long lines all over the microstrip lines, high frequency processing requirements and strict EMC control of the communication board copy services, customers only need to provide a complete set of sample boards or a complete set of sample boards. Customers only need to provide a complete set of prototypes or prototypes, Qingbao Technology promises to copy the board at once, change the board, debugging, copy the accuracy of the board to 1mil.

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