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PCB copy board to help airport security system upgrading and transformation

PCB copy board to help airport security system upgrading and transformation

According to the Shenzhen PCB copy board company RayMing technology reverse R & D engineers analyzed that the area around the airport is very large, the composition of the personnel is also very complex, the traditional limitations of a single system disadvantage more and more prominent. Like relying solely on the linear alarm system vibration fiber optic technology and vibration sensor technology and other traditional airport security systems in the actual use of the process often produces a large number of false alarms, greatly reducing the effectiveness of the airport security system.

  With the rapid development of China’s economy, the air transportation industry has also begun to usher in the development of the east wind, the airport security management has also put forward higher requirements. Shenzhen PCB copy board company RayMing Technology said that the security issue is the most important part of the airport and air transportation, in the major airports continue to increase security and security system construction investment in the process, a variety of high-tech security technology and industrial applications began to be born, the airport security market heated up quickly.

  In addition, the traditional airport security system and its susceptibility to weather factors, vibration detection technology in high winds or heavy rainfall will produce more false alarms under the influence of video security technology in the fog and the night environment with little effect. So, how in the world should we establish a perfect airport security system?

  RayMing Technology, a PCB copy board company in Shenzhen, said that in order to establish a perfect airport security system, in addition to the traditional vibration detection technology and video surveillance, it also needs to have the following characteristics:

  1、Automatic detection and tracking of targets

  2、Real-time scenario knowledge and threat perception

  3, a variety of sensor composite and response mode

  4, low-cost construction and operation

  According to the reverse copy board technicians of RayMing Technology, a Shenzhen PCB copy board company, RayMing Technology has successfully completed the PCB copy board change study of an integrated perimeter intrusion alarm system with radar technology as the core, which can maintain normal working condition in bad weather such as high wind and fog. In order to cooperate with the use of this radar technology, RayMing Technology reverse engineers have also established a set of advanced security information integration alarm platform, which integrates a variety of technologies to maximize the security of the airport perimeter through multi-level detection and review.

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