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The development of smart kitchens What copycat companies can learn from it

The development of smart kitchens What copycat companies can learn from it

For the Chinese people, for whom food is the most important thing, the kitchen is the center of gravity of the home. The evolution of the kitchen is not only a thumbnail sketch of the country’s reform and development, but also a mirror reflecting the progress of science and technology. RayMing’s editor believes that “the stone of the other mountain can attack jade”, through the analysis of the development of the kitchen, the pcb copy board industry the following revelations:

  First, get rid of copying to seek innovation

  From the kitchen “evolution line diagram” in the kitchen we see the changes: before liberation and early liberation – the original kitchen; the 20th century 60, 70s – shared kitchen; the 20th century 80s – the sole kitchen; the 20th century 90s – the prototype of the modern kitchen; the beginning of the 21st century – the whole kitchen; the 21st century – the open kitchen, the development of the kitchen from the kitchen vein to see, we see that the kitchen is driven by the progress of science and technology to make every change. Every change is the progress of science and technology, scientific and technological innovation. Intelligent kitchen is the emergence of scientific and technological innovation of leapfrog development. Innovation is the eternal power of the development of things, for copy board enterprises, copy board should not just copy board, cloning, in front of science and technology, there is no enterprise can always lead the industry, the times will abandon all the laggards. RayMing copy board company actively draw on the experience of all walks of life in the copy board industry changes in the timely transformation and upgrading, not only to provide copy board cloning service, but also to provide customers with one-stop RayMing not only provides cloning service, but also provides customers with one-stop solution for electronic products. From the original kitchen, to the smart kitchen.

  Second, to create personalized customization

  Intelligent kitchen, we can see that the intelligent kitchen fully embodies the humanized and intelligent design. In today’s information age, people are no longer keen on one of a kind, seeking personalization is the direction of development of many products. Similarly, as a domestic high-tech enterprise RayMing reverse R & D center will be based on the customer’s needs and requirements, from the centralized demand to personalized demand development change. Since personalized products are favored by customers, it will certainly become our attitude.

  Third, the spirit of craftsmanship to do a good job of the product

  From the history of the development of the kitchen, I also found that the smart kitchen will be a direction of the future development of the kitchen, and the development of human science and technology is more and more progressive, technology development and how fast, craftsmanship is both a faith, but also a support point in the rapid development. rayMing since its inception, has been groping in the advance, continuous learning, continuous improvement. rayMing technology believes that any enterprise RayMing Technology believes that any enterprise to get long-term development in the red sea market, to do a good job of enterprise products with the spirit of craftsmanship is the key to the development of RayMing has always been to do China’s high-end electronics industry localization of the largest incubation center of the great vision of the pace.

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