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Autopilot PCB copy case of aviation equipment

Autopilot PCB copy case of aviation equipment

Shenzhen Rayming Technology Reverse Research Center has been providing one-stop service for avionics reverse engineering with PCB copy board, chip decryption and software and hardware development. The autopilot PCB copy board secondary development successfully integrates the accumulated decades of experience and wisdom of Shenzhen Rayming professional aviation engineers and copy board team, and immediately achieves the ideal flight effect and control accuracy. In addition, Shenzhen Rayming Technology has listened to the opinions of nearly 10 professional user units and analyzed the typical functional requirements of Chinese users, and can provide the localization research of foreign autopilots and provide software and hardware secondary development and customization services for users to quickly realize their own mission functions.

With the U.S. UAV rampage in China UFO incident, autopilots and other avionics have become important weaponry and can perform intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions. Although the development of Chinese UAVs started late, it has developed rapidly in recent years, especially under the promotion of a group of reverse engineering enterprises with the concept of strong nation and the spirit of learning and innovation, the autopilot with independent intellectual property rights developed by Chinese PCB copyboard secondary has been successfully applied to certain naval UAVs and small and medium-sized UAVs, etc.

Technical specifications:
  ●Weight: The circuit board weighs 57g (including flight control, navigation and hand autopilot switching modules), plus 157g after shielding shell, aviation plug, rudder terminal board and GPS antenna
  ●Size: 35×35×120 mm (including shielded case)
  Power consumption: 1200 milliwatts
  ●Using voltage:
  Main power supply: 6.5~10 volts
  Manual switching module: 4.5~10 volts (usually share the battery with the remote receiver)

Operating temperature: -15 to 65 degrees Celsius
  ●Using overload:5G
  ●Destruction overload:200G
  ●Measurement speed range: Airspeed tube 80m/sec, GPS 350m/sec
  Maximum altitude: 4500m The autopilot is successfully developed by the best embedded system developers in our lab with modular PCB reboarding, 120,000 lines of program code, 88 pages of flight control and mission function protocols, which can be considered as one of the most cost-effective miniature autopilots, and compared with similar products, many optional parts have become standard configuration, and there is no limitation and reservation in algorithm and control accuracy without restrictions and reservations. When a device is limited, it can be quickly replaced with a “variant”, so there is no limit to capacity.

Product Overview
  The autopilot has integrated 3-axis MEMS gyroscope, 3-axis MEMS accelerometer, miniature barometric altimeter, miniature airspeed sensor, miniature fluxgate, miniature GPS receiver, etc., which is fully functional and has the same performance as similar products abroad. And Dragonman can measure the aircraft’s three-axis heading in real time through Jetlink solution, so that it can realize the precise attitude control similar to that of large and medium-sized UAVs, which is a function that most similar products do not have. Another feature of this autopilot is that it can realize the re-customization of system software and hardware to make it more suitable for a specific flight platform or task, which is incomparable to similar foreign products.

Hardware configuration features:
  ●The autopilot can include navigation (NAV), flight control (FCS), rudder expansion board (ExServ), user mode expansion board (Ex10), etc. The communication between the 4 is done through CAN bus.
  ● 3 CPU design, flight control computer 66MHz, navigation computer 66MHz, hand drive/self drive switching module 8MHz, hand drive/self drive switching module high reliability design, digital switch direct switching, reduce the risk of test flight. 4M erasable memory, provide up to 2 hours black box data recording function.
  ● Complete sensor configuration, integrated 3-axis MEMS gyro, 3-axis MEMS accelerometer, barometric altimeter, barometric airspeed meter, digital magnetic compass, 12-channel fast star search GPS, which can give more accurate 3D attitude, realize attitude control, give Jetlink heading, and give ground speed and airspeed at the same time.
  ● Powerful expansion capability with 4 channels of rudder servo, 1 channel of throttle servo, 5 channels of mission servo Note 1, 10-bit resolution of servo output, 25Hz update frequency Note 2. Various advanced functions can be expanded via CAN bus, including A/D sampling, up to 128 channels of switching and servo servo, multiple groups of power battery management, online self-test of other avionics systems, etc.

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