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Mexico International Exhibition on Communication Technology Equipment and PCB Copy Engineering

 Mexico International Exhibition on Communication Technology Equipment and PCB Copy Engineering
Exhibition time: February 2017
Held cycle: once a year
Exhibition scale: 10000-20000
Venue: Centro Banamex, Mexico
Mexico International Communication Technology Equipment Exhibition ExpoCommMexico by the United States Klaus International Exhibition Conference Company, organized annually, is Latin America's largest professional communications equipment and technology PCB Copy Engineering exhibition. Since its inception, the scale and influence of the growing, as has entered the market of enterprises in-depth development of business relations, and is about to enter the country's market enterprises in a timely manner to provide an excellent platform! The exhibition will always be in line with the principle of serving others, will be well-known enterprises and PCB Copy Engineering professionals together to discuss new business prospects, increase market share, the real into the local booming market.
Market analysis
Mexico's foreign trade ranks eighth in the world, ranking the first in Latin America, exports accounted for 46% of Latin America, imports accounted for 50%. Mexico's electronics industry is in a period of rapid development, with the economic strength of the two countries, the level of science and technology, bilateral import and export of goods diversified development trend. China's exports to Mexico, while maintaining the traditional export of textile products at the same time, the proportion of exports of electromechanical products increased year by year, with some scientific and technological content of information and communication equipment popular in Mexico.


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