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Circuit board copy board catch up with the world’s advanced

Circuit board copy board catch up with the world's advanced

Circuit board copy technology can be through the software and hardware methods in a short period of time on the existing technology for accurate analysis and research, to understand the existing technology on the market, and to absorb the purpose of learning. Circuit board copy company RayMing technology, said the more important role of the current circuit board technology is the reverse analysis technology, and can be secondary development of circuit board information, shorten the research and development cycle, is a step on the shoulders of giants to rise quickly shortcut.

Circuit board Shenzhen project, for example, the project is put into operation, will become the most advanced production line of the mainland process, two years ahead of the national “Outline” requirements of the technical level. This will effectively accelerate the mainland circuit board copy board to catch up with the world’s advanced footsteps. According to the relevant reports, the two “$3 trillion” circuit board project settled in Shenzhen, not only the city circuit board industry is a major event, but also the national electronic information industry is a major event, at home and abroad have caused strong repercussions. In the past period, the mainland electronic information industry has been facing “lack of board less screen” embarrassment. This, “screen” refers to the panel, “board” refers to the circuit board. In recent years, the strong rise of the mainland LCD panel industry, gradually approaching and catching up with the world’s top level, the circuit board has become the biggest short board. According to statistics, the circuit board has now exceeded the oil, becoming the mainland’s largest imports.

In order to break through this weakness as soon as possible, in 2014, the state released the “circuit board industry development promotion program”, the establishment of the scale of up to 12 billion yuan circuit board industry investment fund, and the implementation of the national science and technology major special projects to increase support for the innovative development of the circuit board industry. At present, the mainland’s most advanced wafer manufacturing line for 28 nanometers. The National Circuit Board Industry Development Promotion Outline proposed that by 2020, “16/14 nanometer manufacturing process to achieve mass production”. The two projects settled this year, fully in line with the direction and focus of national industrial development.

Shenzhen copy board to keep pace with the world’s advanced footsteps, and the race against time, in the fierce fight in the field of circuit boards, we have to do is not only with the advanced technology race, but also with the time in the race.

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