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Features and Specifications of the IC 7447 Decoder

IC 7447 Decoder

The IC 7447 decoder is ideal for converting BCD to seven segment converters. This decoder is capable of decoding BCD in seven different segments and also allows input which is in binary code values. The seven segments are usually displayed as numbers from 0 to 9.

There are many types of IC decoders. However, we will explore more knowledge about the IC 7447 decoder and its functions. We will also discuss its operations, pins configurations, and properties. This article is very ideal for electronic hobbyists who need to know more about this IC decoder and the potential issues associated with it.

What is IC 7447 Decoder?

IC 7447
IC 7447

This is an integrated circuit that belongs to the family of 74xx logic devices such as digital counters and clocks. There are other measuring instruments that also belong to the family of 74xx logic devices. The IC 7447 is a circuit for converting binary code decimals to seven segments. It displays these segments from 0 to 9.

Also, there is a BCD to seven segment decoder in this IC and also an open collector output of 15 volt. The 14-pin dual-in-line packages are used for packaging this IC decoder. You will find out that the 7 segments LED can be mounted on a printed circuit board. There are active-low outputs available in this IC.

How Does the IC 7447 Decoder Operate?

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A combinatorial logic circuit which converts input lines to output lines is simply a driver. When it comes to the BCD to 7 segment decoder, BCD conversion is always in equivalent decimal. There are several distinguishing factors of this IC. The IC 7447 decoder functions based on the principles of the logic gates and Boolean algebra.

There are seven output lines and four input lines in the 7-segment display. Engineers make use of a display decoder to change the BCD code to a seven-segment code. Binary coded decimals (BCD) which are associated with the other cod are received as output and input. Therefore, this IC can display characters and numbers. BCD has complement data which are internally generated. Due to this, there is no need for coding.

BCD to 7-Segment Decoder Driver IC

There are different types of IC. A decoder driver IC is specially made to decode data which are in form of binary. This type of IC produces output signals in order to power many electronics devices such as electronic relays.

In electronic systems, we use the decoder driver IC for the conversion of some digitals signals into output signals. The BCD to seven segment decoder IC is a type decoder driver IC that can decode BCD code. The IC 7447 decoder receives the BCD as an input and produces seven segment code as an output.

The Pin Configuration of IC 7447 Decoder

The IC 7447 decoder comes with many pins. There are other pins such as RBI and RBO pins. RBO indicates the Ripple blanking output pin while the RBI is a Ripple blanking Input pin. There are also output pins for the seven-segment.

The lamp test is a display test which is carried out whenever the level of any of the ripple banking nodes is at high logic. Furthermore, there is an overriding blanking input that regulates the intensity of the lamp via pulsing.

Features and Specifications

IC Decode
IC Decode

The commonest logic family is the 74xx ICs. This series of ICs make use of counters, flip-flops, and logic gates. The specifications of the IC 7447 decoder distinguish it from other members of the family. Its specifications are very unique making it ideal for a wide range of applications. For IC 7447 decoder, the voltage range is wider.  Also, this IC has various operating conditions which come in handy for some applications. There is no need for external resistors as the internal pull-ups substitute this need. IC 7447 decoder features four input lines and seven output lines. It comprises an input clamp diode and an open collector output

What is the Function of the Lamp Test in IC 7447?

The Lamp Test serves various purposes. It lights up the segments when it is active high.  IC 7447 decoder has a 7-segment display.  LT is usually on reset to display all working digits. You can perform lamp test whenever the logic level of RBO or BI node is high.

It is crucial to activate the Lamp test sometimes. This is because it enables you to know if the associate resistor and segment driver are in good working condition.

What is the Function of the 7-Segment Display?

IC 7447 has many functions, but the most common one is its ability to transform the binary code decimal to 7-segment display. This display can radiate light energy by using LEDs. For a successful display of the digits in seven segment, this IC produces light. One interesting thing about LEDs is that they are solid state diodes and as such, they allow current to flow properly through their junction.

Another  feature of diodes is that it enables electroluminescence. Electroluminescence  happens when the flow of current from external voltage is forward. Different colors can indicate this. It could be red, green, or blue. However, the color type differs according to different impurities that are present in the semiconductor materials.

The unique properties of LEDs make them very useful. They are very affordable, small in size, and have a long life span. Also, LEDs are usually in different colors.  It is very easy to make use of LEDs in digital circuits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an RBO pin?

RBO pin means Ripple Banking ouput. The function of this pin is to blank out all zeros and make the code look more accessible. For instance, when you input 000655, it displays as 655 only.

Is the decoder driver IC ideal for de-multiplexing?

The decoder driver ICs can perform a lot of functions which include de-multiplexing digital signals.


The specifications and applications of IC 7447 decoder makes it very unique.  It performs well in a wide range of digital electronic systems.

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