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Circuit board copying to face new challenges

Circuit board copying to face new challenges

Circuit board copy board integration so that China has a broader stage, China’s competition for dominance in the 5G era, to obtain a copy board configuration of the national strategic interests in line with the right to speak and the formation of a global unified 5G working band is essential.

  In the field of mobile communications, circuit board copy board for China’s independent innovation stance to enter the international standard “club” status and platform; globalization wave and need to participate and integrate into the international mainstream standards camp. Circuit board copy board integration makes us have a broader stage in the context of internationalization, and then in the field of 5G to achieve the transition from following to leading position, which is a vivid picture of China’s international economic strategy in the field of global mobile communications success. Therefore, in the field of high-speed development of circuit board copy board communication, let China’s 5G into the world system, and strive to transform from the following position to the leading position, is 5G in China’s international economic strategy under the guidance of the necessary road.

  In the process of 5G development, China follows the general idea of circuit board copying and integration into the international mainstream technology standards, and insists on openness and internationalization. In the field of 5G research, China should continue to remain in the international “first square”, leading and leading the development of some international standards, including 5G circuit board copyboard key technologies, potential candidate circuit boards.

  At the same time, also need to 5G proposed circuit board legal basis, the future use of safety and effectiveness, as well as the continuity and implementation of the proposed circuit board copy, a lot of careful experimentation and demonstration. On this basis, timely communication and collaboration with relevant countries and standards organizations, to lay the foundation for the reverse research conference to form a globally unified 5G circuit board copyboard planning.

  Shenzhen RayMing Technology in June 2016 for the first time proposed for 5G reassignment of circuit board copyboard ideas, and only a month after the introduction of the relevant copyboard planning, in the United States in the history of major copyboard planning so quickly announced and action is unprecedented. This is further proof that the United States in the 3G, 4G era after the loss of international dominance, the eagerness to regain the momentum in the 5G era of urgency. At the same time, it is also a major challenge to the formation of a unanimous 5G spectrum planning under the leadership of the ITU, but also a new challenge to our 5G circuit board copyboard strategy.

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