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Corn thresher PCB copy board reverse research

Corn thresher PCB copy board reverse research

Shenzhen RayMing Technology specializes in providing multi-layer PCB copy board, PCB design, chip decryption, prototype production services, etc. Friends who are seeking technical support can be assured to contact us, superb technology, professional team, quality service, to ensure that you enjoy the “technology” value for money service. Based on the principle of “technology for the people”, RayMing Technology will focus on the products that can bring convenience to people’s life and work, and the reverse study of corn thresher PCB copy board is one of the many cases:
I. Working principle
The corn threshing machine, when working, corn is fed from the inlet, corn is impacted in the high-speed rotor and drum, the seeds are separated out by the sieve, the corn cob is discharged from the rear of the machine, corn silk, skin is discharged from the air outlet.
The feed inlet is located in the upper part of the machine cover, the corn cob enters the threshing chamber through the feed inlet, and the corn kernels fall off in the threshing chamber by the impact of the rotor rotating at high speed, and are separated out through the sieve holes, and there is a baffle plate in the lower part of the front of the feed inlet to prevent the corn kernels from splashing and injuring people.

This kind of machine, threshing efficiency is determined by the length and diameter of the drum, users can choose this series of corn threshing machine according to their own threshing efficiency, reasonable. The nail teeth on the rotor are wearing parts, should be checked frequently for wear and tear, when the nail teeth wear a quarter, can be repaired by welding or replaced with new nail teeth, such as repair and replacement of new nail teeth, all must be repaired or replaced to ensure the balance of the rotor; screen is a wearing part, such as screen broken, please replace the new screen.

Second, technical parameters
  Weight of single machine: 27 (kg)
  Main shaft speed: 1300 rpm
  Fan speed: 2200 rpm
Equipped with power: single-phase secondary 2.2 (kw)
Equipped with v-belt: main machine: A1000
  Production efficiency: 1000kg/h
  Depuration rate: ≥98%
Crushing rate: ≤2%
Three, structural characteristics
Corn threshing machine, the main working parts are installed on the machine rotor, through the rotor high-speed rotation and drum impact and threshing, is a more widely used economic threshing equipment, with small size, light weight, installation, operation, maintenance is simple, high production efficiency and many other advantages.
Corn threshing machine, mainly by the screen on the cover (i.e. drum), rotor assembly, feeding device, frame and other five parts, the screen and cover rotor assembly together to form a threshing chamber, rotor assembly is the main working parts, the threshing of corn in the threshing chamber completed.

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