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Notes for professional circuit board copy

Notes for professional circuit board copy

Professional circuit board copy notes. Now there are more circuit board copy companies, but some of the low prices are generally used to copy the components used in the board and not to build a library to place but with the elements placed, so that the elements placed on the copied board can not be modified and create a network table for secondary development and design, and secondly, there are now many individuals in the copy board, in the absence of quality assurance price than professional circuit board copy company prices will naturally be low, but the board so copied out The quality is not guaranteed.

Generally in the circuit board copy board where there may be problems is to copy the board board and check, we have their own set of perfect procedures to ensure the clarity of the picture. A series of inspection methods after making the file are done by professionals, which greatly ensures the accuracy of the file, and we can provide customers with clear picture files of each layer after the file is made, which can make the circuit board copy board company or individual can also confirm the inspection by themselves.

Before the board is copied, professional personnel must be required to assess the board to be copied, mainly depending on what the board is used for, the function of the board needs to be confirmed before copying whether there is no IC procurement, whether there are ICs need to be decrypted, whether the IC can be decrypted, the general DSP, CPLD and other large scale ICs decryption is relatively difficult, or the price is relatively high, you also need to confirm whether the copy is a high-precision instrument class or the product needs to be adjusted individually. The product needs to be adjusted one by one.

The schematic diagram is drawn based on the network of the circuit board file, not with a multimeter, after drawing and the original network of the circuit board file for comparison, so the connection can be guaranteed to be 100% consistent, some information is not easy to find IC three-level tube circuit board copy company does not give his correct pin definition, but in the circuit board with 1. 2. Therefore, the corresponding pin connections in the circuit board are absolutely correct.

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