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The skill of Protel 2023 in the PCB Reverse


Advantage of Protel 2023 in PCB Reverse Engineering Service:
Use of high-end wiring technology, complex and innovative layout of the circuit board; Through the rigid-flex board design, to help you have been in the forefront of new technology; Get the best quotes and availability analysis from your most trusted component suppliers; Use centralized component library management, and work with design data that you trust from a single source.

1, in the panel display mode of operation, what skills and need to pay attention to the place?

A variety of display mode of operation, will automatically hide or lock display mode into a floating display is relatively easy, and in turn, the operation is not so simple, need to pay attention to the following aspects.

① When you only want to operate on a panel, drag the mouse should hold the panel on the border panel name, and can not hold the blank area of ​​the border, if holding down the blank area will be the location of all panels operate.

② panel in order to restore the lock or hide the display state, you must check 【Allow Dock】 【Vertically】 or 【Allow Dock】 【Horizontally】 or two selected at the same time, because most of the panel is placed vertically, so the general choice 【Allow Dock 】 【Vertically】. Pcb copy board

③ When you do not want to display more than one panel at the same time in a region, but can be switched in the form of labels, drag the panel should be dragged to the panel label position, when the ▲ logo, release the left mouse Button.

④ Dashed box that appears when the operation is successful.

⑤ in the panel management, the user can open the commonly used panel, do not often use the panel should be closed or hidden, when used to open, this can make the interface clean and tidy.

2, add the library file dialog box [Move Up] and [Move Down] button What is the role?

These 2 buttons are very useful. When you add a lot of library components, select one of them, and then press the [Move Up] or button to move the library up and down. Because the search of the elements in the order of the list in the model link test by the library file, a reasonable arrangement will save a lot of time. The search order for each tag is the [Project] tab, the [Installed] tab, and the [Path] tab.

3, Protel 2023 only supports 90 degree turning of the wire it?

Protel 2023 supports six wire transition modes: 90 ° corner start, 90 ° corner end, 45 ° corner start, 45 ° corner end, any angle, 90 ° corner automatically draws the wire connection between two points. Press 【Space】 key to switch between the two modes of each angle. Press 【Shift】 + 【Space】 to switch between different angle modes. You can observe the wire placement mode in the status bar. On the other hand, the movement of the fixed point can also change the angle of the wire turning.

4, the bus line is divided into several angle mode?

There are four kinds of angle mode, the rotation point as the center, starting with -45 degrees, followed by an increase of 90 degrees, namely -45 degrees, 45 degrees, 135 degrees, 225 degrees. Press the [Space] key to toggle between the four angle modes in the counterclockwise direction, press the [X] key to switch between the two modes with the Y axis as the center, and press the Y key to move the X axis 2 modes. You can observe the placement mode of the bus branch line in the status bar.

5, placing the power symbol need to pay attention to what the problem in actual PCB reverse process?

Need to pay attention to the following three questions.

① in a schematic file, as long as they have the same Net, all of these power will be in the same network, there is electrical connection characteristics.

The symbol style of the power port changes the appearance of the symbol and does not change its electrical connection characteristics.

③ When the schematic diagram of some of the components of the power pin is hidden, the system default to connect to the same Net power port.

6, in the network label placement, what needs to pay attention to the problem?

[Project has a problem is very important. Here we are talking about “have the same network label in the same network” is conditional, that can only guarantee in the schematic in the same network. If a project contains many schematics, such as hierarchical schematic design, to ensure that the different network labels in the schematic can be in the same network, you need to click the [Project] Options …】 menu item, open the [Project Options …] Dialog box, and then select the [Option] tab, in the [Net Identifier Scope] drop-down list box, select [Global] an item.

7, the circuit port placement need to pay attention to what issues?

Need to pay attention to the following four questions.

① In the same schematic, electrical connections are available for circuit ports with the same name.

The port’s Style attribute is independent of the IO Type attribute. For example, a port with the Left and Right property of the Style property does not mean that the IO Type attribute is Bidirectional.

③ When you need to compile or generate a network table, the relationship between the circuit port and the circuit block diagram can be done by clicking the [Project] [Project Options] menu item, select the [Options] tab, in the [Net Identifier Scope] List box.

④ The name of the circuit port is not used to name the network, which means that the system will automatically for the network (which can be in the navigation panel Net view) named.

Protel 2023 software is an excellent tool in PCB design and PCB reverse. 

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