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How to Route PCBs Elegantly?

How to Route PCBs Elegantly

As an electronic engineer, the miniaturization of electronic products and the complexity of system design makes PCB design more and more complex.
more and more complex. Today’s highly integrated boards are getting smaller and smaller, and the pins of packaged devices are getting denser and denser, all of which

These have put tremendous pressure on the wiring.

Cabling as the PCB
design process, which will directly affect the performance of the PCB board, the design process is also the most tedious and more demanding.

High. Although many advanced EDA tools now provide automatic wiring functions, and also quite intelligent, but automatic wiring does not guarantee 100% wiring.

wiring does not guarantee 100% of the cloth through rate. Therefore, many engineers are not satisfied with the results of automatic wiring, and manual wiring is still the choice of most engineers.

The manual wiring is still the choice of most engineers, and the electrical rules constrain the wiring to achieve the signal integrity requirements.

requirements. In the PCB design process, wiring can be broadly divided into three realms:
The first is the cloth through, which is also the most basic requirements of PCB design. Line does not work, then the board’s basic role are
No, that is a waste board, not to mention the other.
The second is the performance, which is a measure of a printed circuit board is good or bad standards. Wiring completed, we must consider how to achieve the best

The best performance, to avoid all kinds of interference. The third is beautiful, the line is smooth, excellent performance, but the picture is very beautiful but you

If you do not dare to look, you should consider how to beautify the disorganized lines. The wiring is neat and tidy, but also for the future

The test and maintenance of the great convenience, which is also a senior engineer should have the basic qualities. Wiring is far from

It is not just a simple job, but if you treat wiring as an art, you will

There are different rewards.

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